White People Guess Ethnic Home Remedies

Oh what-what are we about to ADR there are beets today we are gonna be getting some about white colleagues to test and guess some ethnic home remedies a we grew up with now some of them are safe for consumption and others are for the body yeah and it's

gonna be very funny yeah do you know much about ethnic home remedies and all that no I'm going to look like a complete moron in this video Arielle I think I'm gonna go pretty well I think I might have seen some of this stuff before yeah I don't

think I'm gonna do know anything I am the widest person alive something we did terribly but I'd love to learn some more yeah anything I can help us out we need help oh that's quite fragrant isn't it why is that well it's a remedy if it started this

is like the cinnamon challenge yeah we'd like cumin oh wow yeah this is very like herbal and natural smelling opens the sinuses right up that one really rubbed into your skin so you could definitely put it in a curry and yeah I'll put on your skin yeah no

nothing like a skin curry come on Z the hose Mack punctures gives me you got to drink it like with hot water and it's oh is that what you reckon you have to do with this yeah I can make into a tea yeah cuz I feel like it'd

be a turd on a spoon and to be like Oh while we're eating it eat a spoon of that and chase it oh my god Jenna like cheese yeah alright whoa [Music] [Applause] [Music] that's like instant cementum American I do some quite cleanse actually now that I'm having

it with water what do you think this is for it's like for your stomach or something like maybe to settle like your stomach so this is kept pets ground-up herbs and it helps with nourish our if you are not nauseous does it make you nauseous okay because I'm

feeling a little this looks like fun why is the hotdog at what do you reckon it is chilly chewy so I was like no like clay Nardo tumeric put that on your white clothes maybe you put it on cuts put on cuts or something it might be saying

you put on your skin though you know like it might be like like eye mask a clay mask yeah this is a tumeric face mask it's meant to help fight acne and fade scarring and you're only meant to leave it on for 20 minutes any longer and it

will stain the skin and turn it yellow [Music] had g/mol this mad dog here with a bluetooth earpiece on so you know it's with cool kids he's so stoked with the phone call is making looks like yeah I think things look really yummy I'm thinking maybe like a

vitamin C why what do you think I don't smell that good like spicy candy no it doesn't I reckon they are like a imodium oh yeah like if you have diarrhea right like books about is that why they're so happy they like what you like this a salty

yuck oh my god this is like an electrolyte big hole something like that the Hydra lot yeah they'd always like berry flavored or orange flavored or you know some sort of friendly flavor well it's just friendly food people who take it home so this is hutch Muller it's

a really popular candy soda in India if you have digestion or bloating issues take one of these and you'll be right that's what I was gonna say cyclos okay oh yeah that's like um that's like going good that's um like you're cool this is another facemask oh it's

got flavors in it it's got like there's a little peach I don't know the consistency is uh yeah it's very like sloppy it's full brush could you yelled at any louder in a workplace moisturization it's why your hair do you put on your hair you would know that

with your luscious locks oh yeah so this is yo get an egg and what you do with this is you put it in your hair and it actually helps with hair growth and makes its little shiny and healthy oh I have so many regrets don't want to try

it in your head ah that's beautiful yeah good rob get it in there sorry I really eggs that on [Music] what's wrong oh is it yeah that's that's like um like Chmura can milk whistling this is like a like a turmeric latte or something Wow I think this

is for your stomach upset stomach ah hi feeling relaxed revitalize or vitalized interesting good good hmm I feel much different let it kick in feel smarter actually there you go so this is how they do it or as you may commonly know it American milk or America latte

is the popular name it's really good when you have a cold or maybe you just need an immune boost not to me this one this dense like saliva [Music] it looks like lemon juice does I don't think it is it's so familiar it is it's a flavor that

almost like on the daily you have that sort of yeah smells like salad dressing what what are we about to ADR there are beets so there are beans celery Pope no I don't think this is celery this is a this is onion this isn't onion onion when I

was a kid and we had a cough instead of like cough syrup or whatever mom used to soak I think you suck onions in like maybe sugar and water it makes like a syrup and that supposed to help your cough go away it's like a cough syrup this

is literally onion juice and honey you're meant to drink the onion juice and chase it with a teaspoon of honey and it will get rid of any bad coffee you've got or a sore throat and I'm telling you it is magic like it literally works okay listen I

have people to say after this and how do you chase of honey it's not liquid bottoms up honey [Music] [Laughter] that's fun it's actually quite tasty oh it burns oh this is monetized that's it's not good it was like the worst part of onion Oh Sarah it's good

oh I thought it was fine Josh on the other hand it was very eye-opening I came in with fresh breath I'm leaving without it that was interesting like I learned something but I'll probably see the chemist warehouse [Music]

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