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Live from Wendy's apartment in New York, it's the Wendy Williams Show at home.

(upbeat music) Now here's Wendy.


How you doing? Well, burger, cheese at the bottom.

I'm not a cheese at the bottom girl, but it just happened that way.

Anyway, so about Madonna.

I'm just finding that celebrities are really passing the wrong message to everybody, or at least those of us who watch them feel as though they pass the wrong message.

Now she attended a party.

There were at least eight people at this party.

It was a birthday party for fame photographer named Steven Klein, do you know him? Neither do I, but the point being is that while they were at the party, she says that she tested positive for the antibodies, so she can't get corona or she's already had it and she'll never get it again or whatever.

Now, it is unclear, according to our health people and our politicians whether the antibody makes you immune to corona.

I've never gotten a flu shot and I've also never gotten the flu and a lot of people, including renowned doctors and my own have all said get the flu shot.

I don't think so.

Norman, have you ever gotten a flu shot? Yeah.

Actually, every year.

They come by to our office and give us the flu shot for free.

And I stay in my office and I'm like, okay, go ahead you all.

I'm not getting that.


And I've never gotten the flu though.

So why mess with science? Right, if it's not broke, right.

In the name of the Tuskegee Experiment.




I don't know what's in that shot, what you're trying to do to me.


So anyway, Madonna and all you celebrity influencers, go on with yourselves.

Just keep up with the social distancing, how about that? How about we do a basic thing like stay in the house? You know, I'm sick of my own food too.

I would like to go out to a restaurant.

I saw on the news the other night, one of my favorite restaurants is closed.

I had to see that on the news.

Yes, one of the ones I could walk to from my house, like literally–Oh no! Yes! All I do is I put on a robe and some slippers, it's that close.

They'd have, oh my gosh, Greek salads, they'd have good lamb chops and steak and, you know, today is Cinco de Mayo, they make the best tacos.

They're closed and I gotta tell you something and I supported this place.

I've been, you know, living here supporting them all along, but it was like in February before corona really hit, they upped the price of a basic salad.

$17 is what it was plus tax.

They upped it to $22.

(laughs) What's in the salad for $22? Same salad, same portion, but it's my neighborhood and I said, “Okay, what's going on around here?” And the owner was coming around and telling everybody, you know, it's because it was a slow delivery of products and things like that.

He says he doesn't exactly know what's going on.

As soon as he finds out, he'll tell us.

Well, now we know what's going on and now they're closed.

Anyway, there are a lot of people knocking on you all's doors and playing tricks on you and you need to understand the flimflam.

So they're these fake nurses going around.

All right, these two particularly, okay? Stealing packages off porches, which is not a new thing.

People have been stealing packages for as long as the day is, but this one's going on in Washington State.

That's a good place to live.

So nice and kind, although it does rain all the time from what I understand, but two women dressed as nurses in broad daylight, going up to porches and stealing.

They allegedly were stealing the packages and got away with it and you could see the cars and they haven't been caught.

Why haven't they been caught? Snitches get stitches, I guess.

They were wearing the scrubs, the gloves, but back to Washington State, that's where Seattle is, right? Yap.


Well look beehive.

While you're worried about Madonna, Nicki Minaj and Hot Topics, what you need to worry about are the murder hornets.

(audience laughs) So terrifying.

As if we're not dealing with enough.

Two inches with stingers.

That even is enough to sting through beekeeper costumes and kill you?It killed 50 people a year in Japan.

And they're coming, they will be on the East Coast soon.

Look beehive and they can kill the beehive real quick.

They don't want anything to do with you.

They are five times your size and they will do away with your queen.

And apparently when they sting you, it feels like hot metal poking through your body.

Yes and then you die instantly.

Oh, no.

As if I'm not scared enough.

As if summer's not going to be bad enough, you out there in Central Park.

And Stacey Dash, look.

She's on her fourth marriage and now she's divorced.

All right, I love Stacey Dash, D on Clueless, she'll always be my Dionne to me.

But, oh excuse me, she's 53 years old, looks beautiful.

That mug shot of hers, hmm.

But she got married to a guy that she knew after 10 days and my thoughts about when you become a particular age and you know what you want, I didn't mean after 10 days.

You know, maybe after 10 days you wanna kiss him, but not marry him.


Okay, so seven months ago, you know, she was arrested after fighting with him.

You know, she was at Fox News at one point, which I thought was a pretty good job for her, being that she was a woman and being black and being a Republican.

I said okay, you don't have to agree with her politics if you don't want to, but this seems like a reasonable job for her.

Next thing you know, they fired her there.

I tried to do some digging, all I could find out is that she wasn't so nice behind the scenes.

I don't believe that, how could Dionne not be nice? All those good outfits.

Well this guy who she married after 10 days, he has kids.

15, 14 and 10.

Now, I don't know who's gonna jump into this murder hornet nest.

(audience laughs) Kids that age are the worst.


“Who are you Stacey Dash? “You're not my mother.

” 15, 14 and 10.

After knowing their dad for 10 days, you think you're just gonna waltz into the house and take over as mom or sleep all day or spend his money and I don't know what she does for money these days.

Well, maybe she's like her cousin, Damon Dash.

They're both.



What does he do? He sues for money now, correct?Yeah, he sues from his baby mamas– Right.


Right, right, right, right.

DJ Khaled.

Like DJ Khaled, I love him so much, but sometimes he's so involved.

Like, all right.

You know what and you deserve this Khaled, but thank you for the entertainment.

He invites fans to talk with him on Instagram Live, right? People have been asking me to do that.

No, I'm busy, busy minding my own business over here in my house.

Doing what? I don't know, eating a burger with cheese at the bottom and a glass of water.

Not the bottom, honey.

(audience laughs) If I turn it upside down, then it'd all makes sense, Right, but then the bottom bun would be on the top and that's a mess.

I know.

This is why I don't have time for Instagram Live.

I got other things to think about than talking to people on Instagram Live.

But here goes Khaled, right? Calling people up and having people call him.

Then this girl shows up.

Now he's at his house with his two sons and his wife, Nicole, who he's been involved with for over 10 years.

Take a look.


Oh (beep).

Oh (beep), oh (beep), no, no, don't do that.

I have to get the water.

No, it's all love, though.

I got love and everything, I was saying like, you know what I'm saying? I got a family and everything, like you know what I'm saying, though I got love.

I got you the water though.

No, no, no I got love– No? No, no, no, no, no, no.

Just try to be normal, try to be normal.

Try to be normal, try to be normal, don't do that, don't! Okay, she did that.

He'll probably call her in two weeks.

(audience laughs) I'm just playing.

No, he's got a lovely family, but you know what Khaled? You know how these girls are out here.

He ended up hanging up on her after begging her to leave him alone.

All right, now it's time to talk to my longtime friend, Don Lemon.

Don, how you doing? How you doing Wendy? I'm doing fine Don, hi.

It's Don with the glasses today.

On or off, am I glaring? I need to see you Wendy.

You know what I like what you do? Yeah, but you know what you do? You have the most beautiful lips and when you are listening intently to your guests, you go like this (audience laughs) They're beautiful, Don.

Thank you, Wendy.

They're all mine.

Yours are too.

I love you.

Well–I miss you in the studio.

But the next time I see you, this is how I'm gonna kiss you.

But you know what? Tim is a very lucky man.

Thank you very much.

All right, Don.

Thank you, Wendy.

Let's do some smart talk because, you know–Yes, ma'am.

I did watch you and Van and your talk regarding corona and lots of New Yorkers now, you know, you live in the city too.

That's the look, there it is.

There's that look.

There it is.

New Yorkers are out though, Don.

They're out doing the most.

They've got on next to no clothing, they're walking their animals.

What is your thoughts on this? I am staying in the house, Don.

Wendy, I went out.

You know, I've been spending time between the city and then I am lucky enough to have a place, small place out in Long Island and I see everywhere.

I see on the drive back to the city, I see people who live in the suburbs, I see people who live in the city.

I happened to be in the city this weekend and I saw people out everywhere, no masks and I'm wondering what is going on.

I saw people finally for five weeks, I've been going pretty much just to work, Wendy, and to my house.

And so I've mentioned that I said, well, they're easing things up a little bit.

The governor has been saying you can go out, you can go to the parks, you can go whatever.

You wanted to go to sunset, we drove and just go to sunset and the next day, we went out and I said, we're gonna go to the beach and see a sunset.

People weren't wearing masks.

They weren't six feet distancing.

They were coming over to us saying, “Can we play with the dogs?” And I was like, “No, get back.

” I don't know what's wrong with people.

People are dying, they're in hospitals.

The workers are dying.

I don't know what's going on with these people.

I find a lot of hypocrites out there, Don, a lot of hypocrites.

I do too.

A lot of hypocrites and you know, I've been seeing, Wendy, I have to be honest, I've been seeing people driving up to people's houses and I know they haven't been quarantining that whole time with them, coming and going over, out there barbecuing or going to dinner parties and you know, I've been listening to the.



We have a mayor here in Southampton and he's been taking pictures of people not wearing masks and putting it in the papers or whatever, putting them online and people who are not six feet distancing and he's been outing people and people have been loving it.

Don, do you think that states opening will hit Black people the hardest? I do think so and it's not just me saying that, it's the health officials were saying that and there's a report in the New York Times that's saying that the internal modeling from the Trump administration, again, this is according to the New York Times, showing that the death rates are higher than they had anticipated with the states opening up.

I think it's as high as 3000 people by June 1st dying in a day, I believe.

And so yeah and I think it's gonna because black people live in the city center.

We don't live in rural areas.

We live in cities like New York City, we live in Detroit, we live in Philadelphia, we live in Atlanta and we live in highly dense areas and that's why we're so effected.

Also, people of color work in service industries, we drive the buses, you know, we work in restaurants, we work in meatpacking facilities and all of those areas where we're having to be congregate together and touch each other and be in each other's, you know, grill.

And so, we're more affected by it.

And so yeah, I think that, you know, the incidents, when they go up and they are going to go up when people start to open, it's gonna affect African Americans and people of color more and it's sad.

What's your thought on the meatpacking industry? I've shared my own, just.

Well, I had been talking to the mayor of Waterloo, Iowa, who had, you know, they have the meatpacking issue there and the mayors of towns where there having those issues and they're upset.

They wanted those plants closed down because of what I just said.

Those people are working in areas that are densely populated.

I don't know how they do it, I've never been inside of a meat processing plant, but the conveyor belt or whatever carries those parts for the animals where they're having to break them apart, it's moving so fast and everybody's touching it and they're saying, you know, the sweat and stuff is dripping into the meat and it's moving and everybody's touching everything and they're all on breaks and they're all closely congregated and they should have shut those plants down and that's not just me, again, it's according to the officials and they ended up having to do it.

They had to shut them down because there were so many incidents of people getting COVID-19 in those plants and not only getting them into plants, but spreading it out among their family members and into the communities.

It's awful.

Now, talk to me about you teaming back up with Van to do more on the corona outbreak.

Please tell me.

Well, cause we're trying to get more done.

We're talking to management, I'm talking to my boss about doing more because we are, as you said, we're on the front line.

We're essential workers now, meaning people of color, because we're the people who are out there every day, the army of people who work, I don't mean me personally, I'm an essential worker because I'm a journalist, but we're out there, the people who are keeping the cities running, the people who are working the meat processing plants, people who are driving the buses, the people who are disinfecting the buildings, the people who are cleaning the hospitals and the bed pans.

And so, we need to get more.



We need to have this on the air more and out there in the ethos so people know who the real essential workers are, right? And the immigrants in this country who are keeping it going, the people of color, the Black and Brown folks.

And so, we're working and we will let you know when we get it back on the air, another one.

The color (crosstalk drowns speaker) And more important, people need to watch that instead of some of the other basic mess that you all watch on TV.

You need to watch Smart Talk like you know, what Don is talking about.

That's all I'm saying.

Don, thank you so much.

Wendy, you know when you say we love you for watching, I love it that you find this story important enough to put it on and to highlight it.

So we love you for paying attention to this and I love you for watching me.

Thank you, I love you.

Thank you, Don, have a wonderful day.

(audience cheers) Anyway, everybody, it's time to shop.

So we already recorded a previous segment.

So, just take a look at this.

(audience cheers) All right everybody, it's time to welcome Lori Bergamotto and she's representing Good Housekeeping.

Hi, Lori.

Hi, Wendy, how you doing? Good, what do you have for us today? So, I'm hanging in there in quarantine.

I hope you are too and I'm excited 'cause I have deals up to 74% off that are perfect for all of us who are spending a lot more time at home.

So let's start with the quiz in our eight piece hammer cookware set.

Now I can't remember, do you cook? Yeah, not anymore though, I don't have to.

(audience laughs) Okay, well a lot of us are, so this was a God sent for me.

This is amazing because it's three designed layered technology.

So it ensures optimal heat.

The other thing that I love about these, first of all, they're so pretty, they look so nice, whether or not you're cooking, if you wanna just leave them on display.

They're real nice.

Right? Cuisinart is a brand that everybody knows.

You get these eight pieces, you know it's going to be good.

It has a cool grip handle.

I don't know if you have ever done this, but I've burned myself when I've got multiple pots and pans cooking and this cool grip handle will ensure that you don't do that.

I was making some soup earlier, so it's just really great easy stuff.

We love it so much and Wendy, you're gonna be blown away by the price on this.

The eight piece retails for 400, up to $420.

Which is not bad.

But you're getting eight pieces, it's still a lot of money.

You guys are gonna get it for $159.

All eight pieces.

That's a steal.

Do the tops come with the pieces? Yes, so you get five pots and pans and you get the three lids.

That's good.

Okay Lori, what's next? Okay, so next up we have the Kathy Ireland CoolMax sheet set.

These are incredible, I wish you could feel them through the TV, but what's so neat about them Wendy is as the weather is getting a little bit warmer and we're sweating a little bit more at night, gross, but it happens, this has cool max technology in it.

So it's moisture-wicking, it takes that sweat, pulls it off your skin away from your body, keeps your temperature cool.

It comes in six different colors, I love, this one's on my bed right now, in three different sizes, so full, queen or king.

It's so silky and the color stays throughout multiple washes.

So I love that as well 'cause we're spending a lot more time in bed.

All right.

The deal price on this is 29 to $39 and you get the two pillowcases, the fitted sheet and the flat sheet, so it's a great deal.

And then finally, I love this.

This is the (mumbles) watch square multifunction smartwatch, you're going to love this.

So this comes in four different colors, I'm wearing this here and Wendy, usually these things are exorbitantly expensive.

And usually they're either for male or female, but that's unisex, correct? Correct, it is unisex.

It comes in these four colors and it can do so many different things.

So it's a health fitness tracker, it counts your steps, the distance that you've moved, which I feel like we all really need right now 'cause everybody's spending a lot of time just lethargic.

We gotta get up and get moving and it's also a heart rate monitor, it tells you your blood oxygen, your blood pressure, you can receive text, you can look at social on this.

It really does so many things, you would think that the price would be upwards of like $200.


But Wendy, the deal price on this, just $39.


That's great.

Hey Lori, thank you so much for being here.

I miss you.

And shout out to all you over at Good Housekeeping Magazine and morningsave.


Get these things before they sell out, such terrific deals.

Shop till you drop.

In the meantime, stay tuned for an encore presentation of the Wendy Show featuring Monica.

(upbeat music).

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