The BEST Groove for the HUGE Worship Moments ⚡️

[Music] oh hello my friends welcome to the introduction that was so random welcome guys to this brand new course how to play the groove of all grooves it is going to be so much fun let's dive right in [Music] welcome to bolt drumming academy members i'm so excited you guys are here for this new course it is a ton of fun it is something that i have used over the years of my career so far it is a groove that i go to in times of need and when i mean times of need i mean times where i have been playing super hard i've been playing at my highest dynamic level and i'm like where else do i have to go whatever moments we're in or whatever song we're in seems like it wants to go a step higher and i'm like what do i do this is the groove that i do isn't that crazy i just love this groove it kind of seems to just break the dynamic ceiling off of whatever song or moment we're in and it kind of just pushes you from 10 all the way up to like a thousand it's a lot of fun technically speaking the groove is actually really simple it's only comprised of three parts the first part is a simple right hand ostinato all you're going to be doing with your right hand is playing 16th notes between the ride symbol and between the floor tom it's really that simple you're just boom boom boom boom boom boom super simple let's check it out on the kit [Music] now the one thing i can say as simple as that is be sure to keep the dynamics even between your ride cymbal hit and your floor time you want both sounding as equal and dynamic range as possible and you don't want the ride symbol especially sounding much louder than the floor tom now all step two is is just adding in our right foot on the bass drum all your kick drum is going to be doing is just playing simple eighth notes on the downbeats um it's basically going to be following your right hand whenever your right hand hits the ride symbol let's check it out on the kitchen for step three this is kind of where things get a little complicated we're going to be adding in our left hand and our left hand is going to be doing off-beat 32nd notes now i know that might sound crazy but it's really not that bad all we're going to be doing is doing like an alternate sticking between our left hand and our right hand so really all we're going to be doing is going it's not too bad just be aware that your left hand is always going to be playing the snare drum on beats two and four but everything in between that is going to be offbeat 32nd notes let me show you about the kit what it sounds like [Music] [Music] yes step three is what makes this groove happen that's what gives it the emotional pull that we love so much about it but let's not just do it slow let's start to speed it up a little bit i'm going to do it step at a time and i'm going to go from slow to medium to fast let's see how that sounds [Music] [Music] [Music] [Music] [Music] now that you've spent some time with it hopefully it's feeling really good to you and you got it up to speed then we're going to kind of do a case by case study here on two songs the first song is going to be so will i by hillsong worship now this is a song that already has this part written into the song so if you're wondering where the heck does this groove of all grooves even show up in music this is one place where it does show up let's go to the kit and check it out [Music] [Music] man i just love that the groove works perfectly that's really what i want to highlight with you guys is that this groove works in the song and you might be asking how does it work or why does it work and really when you sing the melody of the song so will i [Music] it just fits right in with the melody it's kind of perfect because we want the drums to always be supporting the melody and so when the drums fill in the space that the melody leaves that is when we know that we have a really good groove so for the second song we're going to look at this is a song that doesn't have the groove in it already but it's a song that i think could use the groove now the song is reckless love which as many of you know is in the time signature 6 8.

so we're going to have to convert our group of all grooves a little bit to fit into the 6 8 time signature now where i think this works really well is that guitar lead i i really want to accent that guitar lead on the drum somehow so it goes one two three four five six boom down down down down down bound so i want to find a way to do the group of all grooves where it can accent that guitar hook now a little disclaimer here the song i'm about to play for you is reckless love but it's a version that i did with one of my old bands and we changed the arrangement completely it's actually kind of crazy and a lot of fun so i'm going to play through the last chorus through the outro the last chorus has a lot of fun drum fills but the last outro is where i will do the groove of all grooves and do all the hits with the guitar melody so wait until then to hear what i throw [Music] in [Music] [Music] [Music] that is a ton of fun i really miss playing that song because i haven't played it like that for about two years but that if you notice the groove of all grooves fits in perfectly on that outro because the drums it's accenting that guitar melody perfectly and i think it really just lifts the song from 10 to like a million it makes it really epic so just one final note on the application of the group of all grooves a lot of other places that i found to place it is in spontaneous moments maybe you're playing a worship set or maybe you're playing with your band and you guys are jamming or a moment breaks out and you've been playing really hard and really at a high energy for a long time and you're like i have nowhere else to go that is when i would break out the groove of all groups it's in moments like those where it really just takes the energy from like 10 to 11 all the way up to like a hundred and just gets things moving past the ceiling that you thought that they were at honestly my hope is that this groove really helps break the ceiling off of your guys's dynamics and it's kind of one of those things that you can have in your tool belt that when you're in a big moment and you're like i don't know what else to play this is something that you can just go to naturally now with all that said i love you guys i'm so grateful that you guys are part of the bolt drumming academy and i cannot wait for you guys to see next month's course it's gonna be awesome it's gonna be so much fun so i will see you next month [Music] peace.

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