Never Have I Ever: Work From Home Edition

never have I ever not been able to turn my camera on because I was hungover I have been hungover many times on a call I'm hungover right now so at the minute we're all working from home as we are under quarantine so today we're going to be playing

never have I ever with comedy I just want to basically sense check where but I'm being really weird we're both being we're together my habits have definitely changed a bit and I'm scared about certain things that I might be revealing in this we're gonna see how disgusting will

actually oh yeah I think people are gonna be pretty disgusted and the person I'd become let's get crackin never have I ever gone more than two days without showering since we've been working from home and this quarantine has literally started at the beginning of a new relationship so

my personal hygiene is fantastic because my sex life is sometimes I don't I don't care I have never gone more than two days that showering and if I get up and don't shower I feel like tired all day like my dad really started so there are a lot

of things that I'll let slide but showering is one of them it was like day three and I got a whiff of myself and I was like oh my god I didn't shower today which is why we're wearing a hat but that's gross bro I know I feel

disgusting never have I ever gotten on a call with only underwear on my lower half look it is where is yeah I have I have oh my god I will raise you that and say that I actually have been completely naked on conference cause just keep your camera

off I can moisturize be naked and do business that's so much never have I ever woken up five minutes before alcohol yeah absolutely have my calls are generally not until like 10:00 so actually no I would love to say the same if my first thing is at 10:00

I will sometimes not even set my alarm until like a nine forty-five or 950 waking up later setting alarms later obviously because we can't I don't have the commute and where how and I don't have to shower before this hall if I don't want to I should brush

my teeth will never ever not brushed my teeth this is gonna lose me any boy that I've talked to you it was gonna say ping ping ping ping ping although swipes I think again my dental hygiene has been second to none because I've been with a boy yeah

I think this is a stressful time for a new relationship you don't need to be adding halitosis that mix never have I ever arranged a set up for conference calls to make my place look better Oh 100% are you kidding for example okay bedroom clean bedroom floor because

we were shooting si what you don't see is this I've made a makeshift desk which I'm very proud of I take our Pat our patio table and I have this is this rack this is a dish rack that I use to put my laptop on to like hold

it up I've taken succulents and practices that I've had around the house and put those on my desk to give it a little bit of life never have I ever worn the same clothes for multiple days well I actually I dressed up for you guys today but other

than this I'm literally been wearing the same outfit every single day which is a yellow jumper which just gives me life and spread sunshine to other people so although it is getting a bit disgusting now it's sort of gone fairly old mustard so I might give it a

wash look I'm not doing a fashion show I'm sorry guys this is the first time I've put makeup on in about three weeks it's so cozy oh and it's got it's got an apple a sticker from the Apple on it just because you've got to make your own

entertainment I do change my underwear nice most of the time either yucky never have I ever went on dating apps while on a conference call I am on dating apps all the time the only reason I'm not on it right now is gonna have to pay attention to

this I'm on it on commercials that I need to be paying attention to I'm on it on comics well I don't need to be paying attention to I'm on it as soon as I go to the bathroom like I need attention from boys I have a boyfriend so

that would be really out of order of me so no I have never been on a dating app oh no what you've never like what what's the internet sentence I am getting matching left right center tall guys short guys fat guys fit guys you know that everywhere all

sorts of guys cuz they're all aboard and it's great never have I ever taken a conference call from birds yeah on the Reds that is my job every conference call is I'm in bed right now sometimes about do either do as long as the works being done you

don't know you don't need to know where I am everyone is doing it exactly like it does no shame yes I have taken a conference call from beds and I think that's fine never ever ever has Netflix on while I was muted on a cop for some reason

during the self quarantine period I'm actually watching less I'm scared to watch too many things and then run out of things to have so I'm like anything to do not Netflix but YouTube for sure I definitely have had five screens at once I've realized that yet maybe I

could tighten a couple of things up but guess what these are tough times and you got a Coke any way you can so I say let your freak flag fly and if you have to take conference calls in your pants like I do do it no one has

to know I've learned that Tom's a secret messy person my secret shade secret shame is okay you're any human we all forgive you we're in the same boat you know there's certain things that like we're all doing that we're all in together and like that doesn't mean I

should go to plus days without showering and that doesn't mean I should go the whole day without brushing my teeth that being said I can't be the only one so don't at me I've learned that Amy's personal hygiene is second to none and the maybe I just need

to get off my ass and do my laundry thanks for that if there's anything that you guys are doing or aren't doing during this time any embarrassing stories you want to share with us leave them below in the comments who would love to hear about them [Music] you


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