How to Fix Outdoor Outlet that Will Not Power – How to Identify and Fix Loose Wiring on Outlet

This is John with UDoit.

All right so we're at Joe's house got adoggie Bark bark.

there's a doggie we got a problem with outlets GFI is not workingand we're going to do a quick test this is a test area just to find out if it'sworking okay we got nothing all right so now we need to find whatGFI supplies this now do you have a GFI breaker or you're not sure okayoff to the basin GFI Oh mr.

bata the fridge bedroom matter so wehave an outlet here we'll have to test this that here when you bought the housewhere do they have to add this single outlet heat pump okay so no just real this is regular it'll be supplied by GFIthere okay so this is another outlet we'lltake this one apart so when did this stop working so I guessthe fighting to get something out here I get power here but this is the end sothere's nothing feeding this except something else all right so this al that's working weneed to identify what GFI is applies this so we got power have to just rippedit but that's the breaker or not alright good you good you can starttripping breakers neuter it nope usually bit Beth is usually dedicated tothe bathroom by code all right so it's not that nope now is that all the single pole breakersoh wait it's off its off its off its back on what break your number is it oh okayyeah it does okay so go ahead and turn that one off all right so we identifiedwhat the breaker is Joe just kept switching breakers now that that breakeris off I can take apart this outlet and verify that the connections to the GFIoutput are secure enough because I have a feeling that that one outlet in thefront is supplied by this GFI and there could be a problem with the connectioninside all right so now I'm going to take apart the outlet first thing I'mremoving is the cover reason why I'm removing this out isbecause I want to inspect the wired connections and I'm guessing thatthere's only two wires that are coming into this but who knows this is theproblem right there quick connects so once we fix this you're going to have awork in GFI so these two wires need to be connected so here is the GFI linethat's the supply and load the wires aren't even connected so when I pulledthe outlet out the one wire was disconnected the other one just poppedright off at a bag so these are not quick connects these are secured withthis screw hey Joey I think this will work sleeping with this two okay that's tight that's not going there all right so let me get this connected you know what go tripped a breaker Imean turn to turn it back on and then now because I'll see the red light andthen we'll test the other outlets all right outlet is back on and test it okay so we were in there okay now we're going to go test theother out here we go got power bro yo I fix your shit oh youdid what was wrong with it uh do you understand GF fighting on it alright sothere's a feeder for the GFI and then there's outputswell they had two outputs one went to something that was working and the otherone went to this oh did it so the two wires so the one went to the back andthat was work that was working right oh yeah so anyway the wires were loose onthe outlet so every time you plug in something and unplug ityou know loosens the screw just a little bit more well eventually it just workedthis way yeah so now make an oh yeah yeah I'll run youknow I could do it I'll just run you another outlet on the cable I got easyKate now I'll tell you everything you need to buy and you get it I'll hook youup yeah but I'm making a video of this formy channel uh-oh is that what you GoPro yeah I love the one if you're into homeoh DIY home repairyou know I tried doing a solid like minute clip in half of me talking Icouldn't I kept up so I'm like I took I took 30 son I took thirty some cake andI was gonna edit the shit out so I took little parts of each one oh my godfunny funny where my home office this is my home office if you like roommakeovers if you like room makeovers can you reset the GFI no no in the garagejust hit the reset button so Joe he posted his outtakes y'all so y'all sendit funny I'll post it on Facebook okay that's weird I think it's got like 45 ohone of the trains so this outlets working we're justputting it all back together the source of the problem was loose wires in theGFI Joe's putting this outlet back in for meand you got a finish you know done it'll go all the way a little bit workaudience amen don't go any further kept going pretty good bite so now whatare you for next year I'll take what is it for you next year well it's chicken strip already there'ssomething wrong what we sit and I think this is what I did before – so – GFI isthe GFI will not reset and it could be a couple things it could be something Idid wrong someplace else when I installed the outlets or in here therecould be a wire touching like ground wire could be touching the output that'swhat a GMO grandpa protects against is a ground pole so in the hot wire contextground it will trip see that wires pumpkin and neutrals you just call myself in just call myselfan when you get down there alright good turn it on I come on rightyep on all right let me reset it nope it's not going on all right turn it offand stay stay down there I got a disconnect on some home all right anybody going Joe I got nofreaking clue what's going wrong all right you can hold on a minute let metry something else well that was weird you know I think we got a problem inthat last nail that I put together so so turn it off and come back up there yougo turn it on yep okay I think that fixed it so staydown there turn it off okay turn it back on just a little sparkokay all right turn the bag off and stay staythere turn a big one okay turn it off okay so I use the dry ready to get it inclose to the wall but then I tighten up a hand so I don't over tighten it andstrip the screw or whatever I can plug this in trip it reset it nowwe're going to go to the other Elliot's and make sure to do with so stay here when you hear a trip give it thefive-second count then reset it because I want to see that the light goes outand comes back on plug in the tester I'm working with Joe lights on okay now I'mgoing to wait for it to come back on okaythat's working now we'll go out back do the same thing yes now I plug you in this guy it'sworking TripIt wait for them to turn it back on and there we goteamwork all right it's good man so now what's it yep plug it in so let'sget to talk about your where would you want me out yeah so this is a basementbelow there right what's up see this mess over here call this phoneokay but that's for the what okay so you need an outlet here too well just as thebasement is their basement below this yeah okay that's easywhat's the pestis subfloor the cement form is that's the walk is this stuffyeah the one over here for the frizz well we could put one there and onethere yeah or that I mean because if you're gonna do it your muzzle do ityou're gonna be there right and I'd put a tortilla pin yeah yeah so we just haveto pick the spot to the left and right of the stairs because if you're going todrill a hole you muzzle drill two holes and we can't do it here because youdon't have any room in the panel but we can do it over here so we'll come overhere all right so this panel Siemens panel right yep Siemens load Center sowe can do a 20 amp breaker and we run a 20 amp right there for your refrigeratoryeah and then that way your refrigerator will be on a separate and the Rainbirdcan be on the same the same circuit satisfied you were this is the review process here herewell John came to my house and did a great job he's everything's peachy keenand looks great and that so far so good and when he leaves it's gonna pop againbut uh satisfied you do it customer oh yeah there you go you heard.

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