How To Fix A Hole In A Bathtub Top Guide 2021

Fiberglass and acrylic bathtub and shower surround sometimes suffer with cracks, gouges and holes as a result of constant usage or occasionally misuse. While the total integrity of the bathtub or encircle is nice, too much pressure in 1 area can get the material to crack, allowing water to get from the environment, causing harm. Repair any gap in your bathtub or encircle, however big, with a bathtub and shower remodel kit to receive your bathtub back in usage.

Clean and Reinforce

Fiberglass tubs and shower surround seldom break apart cleanly. Little fiberglass fibers can splinter outward in the hole or crack. Furthermore, many of those surrounds could be nailed directly to the studs without a backing , so massive holes may extend right to the framing. Clean up and fortify any openings before emptying to earn a good fix. Trim away any bits of loose fiberglass using a utility knife before the edges of the hole are all clean. Nail scrap pieces of timber into the studs interior holes bigger than two inches from size, to help encourage the fix.


Toilet and shower refinishing kits include resin chemicals that harden to produce a compact, durable patch onto your shower or bathtub wall. Mix up the chemical and hardener in accordance with the instructions on the kit and then use it to the pit in the bathtub or shower using a putty knife. Smooth up to into the hole as required to fill it thoroughly and find the patch level with the surrounding region. Overlap just a small bit of this filler from the pit and on the surrounding bathtub or shower. Allow the filler dry thoroughly until it’s strong to the touch.


Sand down the filler at the area until it’s totally smooth with all the surrounding region. For large repairs, use a belt sander to your first couple of moves; smaller repairs could be sanded by hand. Begin with 80-grit glue and operate it on the filler to eliminate the bigger lumps or warmer regions. Measure down to 200-grit sandpaper to help smooth out the fix. Maintain sanding, stepping down the grit of this sandpaper before the fix is smooth and your palms can’t tell the difference between the fix and the surrounding region.


Mix the paint up at the repair kit till you arrive at the colour of your bathtub or shower. Follow the instructions on the kit for the ratios of pigment into the propellents. Wipe a coating of primer on the fix with a sponge or cloth to prepare to obtain the paint. Fill the paint into a airbrush container and then prime the airbrush by spraying onto a spare bit of cardboard. Spray the paint evenly on the fix, overlapping the paint slightly on the bathtub or shower round the fix. Keep spraying before the patch is equal in the rest of the bathtub or shower. Allow the paint dry for 24 hours before using the shower.


Can a pit in a tub be mended?

The repair kit will fix cracks, chips, dents, stains and even holes at the surface of bathrooms and shower trays. … Apply the putty into the hole from beneath the tub when possible. The Epoxy Putty will harden after 5 minutes — total strength after 24 hours.

Just how much does it cost to replace a tub?

Bathtub Installation or Replacement Price

The average cost to put in a tub is 4,064 but may range from $1,339 and $6,813, based on the kind of bathtub and alterations required. The typical price of the bathtub itself ranges from $200 to $8,500 or longer.

How can you fix a plastic tub?

The Way to Fix a Plastic Bathtub That’s Cracked

Drill a 1/4-inch hole on both sides of the fracture. …

Gently sand down the crack with 120-grit sandpaper. …

Clean the cracked region with a moist rag to eliminate any loose debris and dust. …

Mix the two components of the epoxy resin in accordance with package instructions. …

Sand the crack together with 240-grit wet/dry sandpaper.

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Can acrylic bathtubs be mended?

Bathtub Repair – What sort of bathtubs can be mended? Bathtub fix can be performed on all sorts of ceramic tubs in addition to bathtubs made from fiberglass, acrylic, or cultured marble.

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