HOURGLASS HIPS WORKOUT ⌛🍑 Summer Shred Workout No. 2

today's workout is all about the hipswe are sculpting into that beautiful rounded hourglass shape no equipmentneeded ten minutes on the clock this is part of your 40 day summer shredchallenge and don't forget you could win this very outfit check the descriptionbox for how to enter let's do this

we're starting off by imprinting our spinepulling our stomach muscles in really nice and tight and peel your way up into abridge you're going to hook the left ankle over the right and pump up here keeping the whole muscles really niceand tight and want that ribcage down as well

squeeze that booty at the top no break you're gonna change sizecooking the right ankle over the left knee ribcage stays down tailbone tuckedand really squeeze the back at the top from a then it keeps and feetshoulder-distance apart but touch their needs together peel your way up into abridge

squeeze those butt muscles open close lower halfway down making sureyou're touching the inner thighs together again ribcage down releasealways in the back making sure we're hitting those glute muscles we're now going to take the feetshoulder distance apart lower halfway down as we open up in anice smooth shape

we're gonna push out and then lower back down again I need toserve this up so keeping the ribcage down and making sure you're not overflare and I'll show you what I mean we don't want this okayribcage down tailbone tucked and then we'll really hit those glutes ratherthan the

lower back good from now you gonna dig the heel zipstay nice and high in the fridge what could be a little bit further away andthen you're just going to do mini pumps up and here we're hitting the hamstringsas well as the buck if the back saw just slow

it down a little bit and continuethere or couple all the way down and then go back in again good work from now we're coming on toour side it's really gonna hit that out right now lying all the way down you'vegot a nice gap underneath outside of feet are

in line with our but you're notopen up close stopping just short of the thighs touching core tight feeling thatouter beauty from here you're going to crunch theknee in straighten out lift and lower it pop the hands down if you need alittle bit more support crunch in straighten out

lift and lower get from there drop the underneath legwe're going to draw some half moons coming behind and in front trying tokeep that gap underneath the waist cool really tight okay you should be really bailing nowbut do not drop your gonna flex the foot take the leg back

into extension tobehind you and you're gonna pump that leg up and down this is working the bigbutt muscle and the after booty muscle as well the glute need into those hips I know it burns got a joke sorry nillyback don't stuff that are even you out now so

we're goingto go onto the other side swing your body round we're coming intothat clam position to start off with a clothesline with us and from here we'regoing to open and close nice tight waist and lifting the waist up if you can get right from here we're going tocrunch

it straighten lift and lower dropping down that underneath leg if youlose a little bit more support popping the hand down as wellabsolutely fine whatever works for you good luckdropping down that underneath leg bring the upper leg forwardTeddy my dog just about to comment to Frank on the baby

look at your beck andcall sit good boy we're the truth the bigsamples pin it down down hop moves here good boy stay boy a little you're not a flex that foot take it backinto extension and pump up there take it come on guys keep pushing you probablycan't see

cuz my tox book please but I will let gap underneath your way don'tforget you could win this very outfit as part of my summer shred giveaway I'mdoing a giveaway every single week across the 40-day challenge so make sureyou check the description for how to win this very outfit

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