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Can you fix it so youcan see me lying down? Ahhh! Like that? That was not how Ienvisioned that going.

Hey everyone! Welcome back to Make My SpaceWork, the series where we gift hardworking entrepreneurs with acomplete office transformation.

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Since so many of us areworking from home we thought it'd be really fun to do avirtual makeover two ways.

They pick which one they like best, there's even a special surprise coming at the end of this episodethat you don't want to miss.

Today I'm helping Farah, theowner of Love Squared Kids.

She sells really cute headwearfor the whole family, so scrunchies, little kids' hats.

She is right now workingin her dining room.

She's kind of just, like, moved everything into this open dining room because she's tryingto adapt to work-from-home with two young children.

I don't know how she does it.

I'm going to come up withtwo different design plans, present them to Farah.

Double the inspirationfor you guys, double the inspiration for her.

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Hi, how's it going? Good! How are you? I'm good.

I'm really excited aboutour little project.

Me too.

I am excited to get alittle bit more organized.

I can't even imaginerunning, like, a business with two children right now.

How has it been for you? I'm not going tolie, it's been hard.

My kids are not the type to sitin front of a TV for very long.

Um, I literally had to bribethem with snacks right now, so it's been challenging, butat the same time it's pushed me to think outside the box.

And what can you do? You kind of have to adapt.

I'd also love to knowabout the scrunchies you donated to hospitals.

You donated, like, 200 scrunchies? That's amazing.

One of my customers is a nurse andshe messaged me and she was like, “I just want to say, thank you.

You know, I picked up mynew scrunchie and I, it saves my day” and whatever.

And I didn't know what other wayto give back in a time like this.

I put up a questionbox on my Instagram.

I was not expecting the 300plus replies that I got.

Since then I've gotten a lotof lovely messages from people who have received them and howmuch, you know, just something like that just brightenedtheir day and touched them.

That's incredible.

I would love to know whatisn't working for your space and what your kind of, like, ideal new setup would be.

In this chaotic time, I needa place where I can feel calm.

You know, I'm a Capricorn andit's kind of, like, my heart is, like, I need to be organized.

I don't know if you can seethe plastic shelves behind me.

I still have stuff on the floor, they don't hold everything, so that's been a challenge.

It's my dining room soit's open to the house.

I need to close off and geta little bit of privacy.

Right now I have no room for myheadbands, which I just launched.

And so they're on the floor.

We were going to renovateour, our main floor right before this happened and wewere going to put barn doors.

Can we talk about your, um, yourdesign, like, the styles you love? I love modern.

I like natural woods.

I like plants.

I like the idea of having some sortof bold feature in here, whether that be the wallpaper or a rug.



I feel like I've so many ideas.

I'm so excited.


So I will see you next week andthanks so much for the call.

Thank you.

I'm excited to see the design.

Bye! That was such anawesome call with Farah.

I'm really inspired by this spaceI think it has so much potential.

Even though it might seem dauntingto her, simple changes are going to make this space feeldesigned, styled and inspiring for her to work at every day.

So it's day one, I'mhanging out on my couch.

I'm planning option A and here'swhat I'm thinking for the space.

So I thought long and hardabout finding an organization solution for Farah.

This is probably the mostimportant part of this makeover.

Right now she has everything onopen shelves, they're plastic.

They only go halfway up thewall, which is a problem.

She's not making use ofall of that vertical space.

Here's what I'm thinking foroption A's organization solution.

I found this PAX wardrobe system.

Now I'm sure a lot of you haveheard of this system before.

It is completely customizableso I added in drawers, added a couple shelves, but I mostlyjust filled this wardrobe with pullout baskets and drawers.

I even thought she couldlabel the drawers so she knows exactly what's inside of them.

I thought it'd be fun if Farahpainted the outside of it navy blue to kind of go with that more, like, rustic feel that she likes.

And then of course adding thesesleek farmhouse style knobs to the front, just gives itlike a bit of a luxe touch.

Then on the back wall, Ithought, you know, this is the wall that Farah is going to seeright when she opens the door.

So I thought a really fundotted wallpaper would look so good along this back wall.

This is peel and stick wallpaperso if she gets tired of the pattern, she can just takeit down whenever she wants.

Then in the corner, I found thisawesome artificial olive tree.

I am not usually one that goesfor artificial plants, but I found this company that makes theseinsanely realistic faux plants.

That means Farah doesn'thave to worry about watering this plant, keeping it alive.

I mean, it is by a window, butI just was like, you know what? Let's make this easy on you.

So now she gets this treethat's going to add height to that corner, fill the space andbring her a pop of greenery.

Tip for you guys: if you are, like, “What do I fill my office with? It's feeling kind of empty.

” Plants.

They make everyone happy.

They're like a breathof fresh air, literally.

On the opposite side ofthe wall, I added her desk.

I was really kind of going backand forth with the desk placement.

I wanted the desk to eitherbe looking out the window or out of the dining room, into the rest of her house.

After looking at themeasurements, I just didn't think that was going to work.

When she's packaging things shegoes, like, down an assembly line.

The middle of the roomneeds to be open space.

Let's put the desk upagainst this side of the wall where she has it now.

Let's center it a little bit.

Above it, I found thisreally awesome paper roll.

And I just thought this was a greatfarmhouse style touch for her to add memos, to do lists, maybe likeinspiration, whatever she wants.

It doubles as a pieceof art and it's useful.

Beside Farah's desk I'm thinkingof putting a leaning shelf for her printer and her label maker, because right now the label maker is on top of the printer.

There's lots of clutter everywhere.

And then of course, it's timefor those finishing touches.

I'm going with abeautiful round jute rug.

I wanted to keep itfeeling light and fresh.

And can we talk about thisgorgeous farmhouse-style light.

Farah pinned this exact lightand I feel like this light paired with the rug makes thisroom feel like part of the home.

You guys, I want towork in this room! Let's head into day two andstart planning option B.


So storage for option B wasa struggle because I really feel that the PAX wardrobethat I included in the first option are Farah's best bet.

I feel like they really maximizethe vertical storage in her space and she can customizethem, which is also awesome.

But I did find somealternative cabinets from Ikea.

They have lots of spaceinside each little cubby.

There's a company calledSemihandmade that makes custom fronts for Ikeacabinets just like this one.

I found this navy blue bead boardthat Farah could place on the front of these Ikea cabinets.

I feel like this really bringsin a ton of style into her space, that pop of color thatI think the space really needs.

This company also sells thesegorgeous knobs so I thought that Farah could cover the front ofthis cabinet with these gold knobs.

Now, the great thing about option Bis that these cabinets are a little bit smaller than the PAX unit.

They allow for even morestorage underneath the window.

This is the same unit; Ithought she could customize the front of these doorsas well and then add legs.

These legs are from Pretty Pegs, a company that actually sells custom legs for Ikea furniture.

So she gets a littlemore, you know, storage underneath that window.

It fills the space and I am inlove with the blue bead board.

In that corner, Ithought a fiddle-leaf fig would work really well.

I also found this really funprint: it's this line drawing of this girl wearing a scunchiewhich is very on-brand for Farah.

So I thought that a reallybig print could just add some extra decor.

The desk for Farah's space isa bit bigger than in option A.

There's also storage underneathon the legs too, which is great.

Instead of a shelf beside thedesk, I thought Farah could have two barnwood floatingshelves above the desk.

You can buy faux barnwood justlike this from the hardware store and you can buy them inthis really lovely white color.

I thought she could feed the chordsfrom her printer and her label maker behind the shelves and thenuse cord covers to hide the cord.

So you're not seeing likea dangling mess of cords; it would be all covered andlook nice and neat and tidy.

And then on the floor, I've gonefor more of a rectangular rug that really fills this entire space.

It's wool, it's superwarm and super cozy.

If I was Farah, I would want to, like, walk into this office and feel this carpet under my feetevery day and be like, “Yes, I'm ready to work in this cozy office.

” And then my favorite piece ofthis entire make-over is this show-stopping pendant light.

It's black and it's made fromthis beautiful natural material.

It's quite large so it's reallygoing to fill this whole room.

And then for both option A andfor option B, I've included the idea of doing farmhouse doorson the outside of this room.

I feel like both of these optionsmake this room look so styled and like it's part of the house.

Not like it's the officethat you want the door closed all of the time, buta comfy, warm, inviting room.

It's time to jump on a call withFarah and see which one she's gonna pick but before we dothat, I want to give a huge shout out to Shopify who makes thiswhole entire series possible.

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Hi! Hi, how are you? I'm good.

How are you? Good, I like your headband.


How's it going? Good, I've been super busy.

Um, my office is getting dirtierand, like, cluttered, so I'm excited, I'm excited to getsome organization in my life.

Okay, so you have anemail; let's open option A.

Oh wow, okay! I like the color palette.

You do, yeah? Yeah, I'm really digging it.

I like the.



is that wallpaper? It is, yeah.

Yeah, I really like thewallpaper, it's like speckled or, and I love the plant.

Thank you for including a plant.

And it's actually, um, fauxbut it looks, like, very real.

Probably kill it if it's real.

I'm concerned that, like, becauseeverything has to be organized in sizing, like, will I have enoughin, like, let's say one cabinet to do one size and then, you know.

But I guess it would be theconfiguration of what's inside? But I love the clean lines andI love the wallpaper, I love the tree, the lighting, everything.

I like that it's, um, you know, put away and clean and, like, it won't look like a cluttered, like, even with the barn doors, like, when it's open it'll stilllook, like, pretty and nice.

For sure.

And, um, where the kidscan't get to stuff.

Yeah, exactly.


Let's head into option two.

I really like it.

I like that there is, um, added storage.

I like the shelves.

I think, like, I've alwayswanted to do kind of shelving.

I like the bigger desk becauseI think my printer might be too heavy for the shelves so Icould just put it on the desk.

And I do like the rug.

I like the lamp a lot, too.

I love it so much.

And the fiddle leaf, like, I absolutely love that tree.


So the time has come foryou to pick: which option do you like the best? Oh my God.

Um, I think I'm going tohave to go with option A.

Option A? Okay! With the PAX wardrobe? Yes.

You know, I really like certainaspects of option B, but I think I love that the PAXwardrobe, the fact that I can, like, customize it completely.

And I love thatwallpaper in the back.

I think it's kind of a nicefocal point and I've always wanted to do something likethat, so I think, I think option A, yeah, I really like it.

Okay, well, I havea surprise for you.

We are gifting you $500, um, towards, towards Shopify merchant products.

That is huge! Thank you so much.

I was not expecting anything, but honestly, that will help so much to get it started.

And thank you so muchfor the opportunity.

And there you guys have it.

I'm really glad thatFarah liked both options.

I was actually really surprisedthat she chose option A because she seemed to be leaning more towardsoption B, but that was such a fun project to take on with her.

I really love her style andI can't wait to see what she does with this room.

I know it's going to be beautiful.

Make sure you're subscribedso you don't miss those upcoming makeovers.

Thanks for watching.


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