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– Hi, everyone.

Welcome to Home, your 30-day yoga journey.

It's Day 29.


I'm into it.

Are you into it? Let's get started.

(upbeat gentle music) Alrighty, my friend, welcome.

Today we're gonna begin in one of three shapes, I'll let you choose.

Lying down flat on your back.

Seated, cross-legged or kneeling.

So kneeling, sitting or lying down.

And that's how we're goingto start our intuit practice.

Kind of right away connectingbrain and body and remembering in particular with the homeyoga practice that there is this beautiful, beautiful relationship that you have with yourself in makingdecisions on the mat, right? I think that we always have thatbeautiful relationship going but particularly with at-home yoga, it's kind of magnified inthe most beautiful way.

So, that said, take it away.

Sitting, kneeling or lying down.

And if you feel indecisive, just notice that.

That's what it's all about.

When you come into your position, the one that you have chosen, go ahead and allow your gaze to soften or your eyes to close.

And together here Day 29, my lucky number, we celebrate this relationship to self.

This opportunity to listen.

Listen to that inner voice, right? That higher self.

You might even think of it as your inner teacher.

I'm so honored to be here with you.

I'm honored to guide the practice.

But today, a loving invitation to really hug up to that inner voice.

And practice listening to that inner teacher.

As my friend Kim and I say, “Listen to your guts, ” and get in the habit of having a relationship, right, to intuition.

If you have not already, beginto gently deepen your breath.

Honoring the breath as this power tool for getting close to that inner voice, getting closer to home.

(chuckles) Riding the breath is like taking the taxi home.

Taxi! Take a deep breath in.

Wherever you are exhale out through the mouth.

Inhale in.

And out through the mouth.

And one more, big full breath in.

Sigh it out.

(sighs) And if you're lying down, begin to make your way back up.

If you're seated, let's come forward.

We're all gonna make our way to a nice Tabletop Position where right away I want you to find a little spinal flexion but you do you.

So listen to your body.

Maybe you work with the structure of Cat-Cow.

Maybe right away you start to find a little freedom within the form.

(floor creaks) Creaky old floor comin' out to play just like the good ol' days.

Listen to the sound of your breath.

And if your body or yourenergy is like saying get funky, then get funky.

Move the hips in some big circles.

If your heart's feeling heavy, maybe you come to Extended Child's Pose here for a couple of breaths.

Any stagnant energy, super tired, not so sure you can make it through this practice maybe you do big circles.

Finding your spinal flexionas you create big circles.

Maybe the abdominals are sore so you come all the way through to a Cobra.

Maybe the wrists needs some loveso you take a second here amidst moving the spine and check inwith the forearms, the wrists.

So dabbling in a bit of freestyle, but I'm I'm very careful with that word because there is a mindfulness and you have this incredible vocabulary, this tool belt so far that we'vecreated together to work with.

So freestyle is fine.

Maybe it's not a free for all.

Okay, take a couple more breaths.

Keep exploring here.

Don't decide where it ends.

And then in your own time, make your way to Downward Facing Dog.

And when you get there, same thing.

Don't decide where it ends.

Embody it.


Pay attention, respond.

And then we'll do the same thing, we'll bend the knees and in your own time, make your way to the top, but really feel your way through this transition.

Then we'll meet in a ForwardFold at the top of the mat.

Now bend your knees, so muchso that your belly comes to the tops of the thighs or toward the tops of the thighs.

Then take your fingertips to the earth.

You're gonna bring your right fingertips right below your face.

Take the left hand to the low back and then pull your left hip crease up as you straightenthrough the left leg but keep the right knee bent.

Big breath in.

Long breath out.

Bend your left knee.

Left hand replaces the rightfingertips or palm on the earth.

Right hand comes to the low back sacrum.

And then here we go, pulling the right hip crease up, straightening through the right leg, spiraling your heart towards the right.

Keep the shoulders relaxed.

Left knee is bent.

Right leg is straight.

Good, then slowly release.

Soft bend in both knees as you tuck the chin and enjoy this move, this transition.

Really listen, listen, listen, as you roll up, stacking through the spine.

Mountain Pose, Tadasana.

Take a deep breath in here, stand up nice and tall.

As you exhale, of course, use that breath out to relax the shoulders.

And then here's the deal, take whatever you need here.

Soft, easy movement in the head, the neck, the shoulders.

Feel free to fix your pantaloons, move your shirt around butlet's try to get in the habit of taking what we need and then leaving behind what we don't need.

So we're really getting in thehabit of taking only what we need and not more than what we need.

Metaphor for life.


So we may not need allthese fidgety moments each time we come to Mountain.

And if you do need it, take it.

That's my teaching style.

(laughs) Okay.

I love you.

Here you go, inhale, reach for the sky.

Exhale, listen carefully.

Interlace the fingertips, keep the thumbs extended.

You're gonna bring the hands, thumbs extended behind the head.

Elbows nice and wide.

So you have your neck hammock here, your little neck cradle.

Good, then inhale to lift the sternum, ground through all four corners of the feet.

Elbows draw back.

Exhale, you're gonna drop your right elbow down, take your left elbow up towards the sky.

Put some weight in your heels.

Then inhale, come all the way up, look up.

Exhale, left elbow down, right elbow to the sky.

Dig into the heels.


Inhale all the way up.

Exhale, release the fingertips.

Interlace them behind your back.

Open up through the chest.

Inhale to look up.

Exhale, to bend the knees, send it forward.

Keep the bind, fingertips interlaced.

Now shake thehead a little here, yes.

Nod yes and no.

And then bend the elbows, release the fingertips.

Fingertips float down towards the earth, and when you're ready on your next inhale, lift and lengthen, nice flat back position.

Good, slow and steady, Forward Fold.

Root to rise here.

Inhale, spread the fingertips, reach towards the sky.

And exhale floate it all theway back down, Forward Fold.

Big inhale lifts you up halfway, your version here.

And exhale to soften and bow.

Right foot goes back, just the right foot.

Inhale, sweep the arms upand overhead, big stretch.

Exhale, float the fingertips down.

Pull the left hip crease back.

Flex your left toes towards your face.

Big stretch here, bend your left knee.

Awesome, roll through that left foot.

Inhale to look forward.

Exhale to plant the palms, lift the back knee.

Send the left fingertips up high.

Big twist here, back knee lifted.

And then slowly float the left hand back down.

Awesome, plant the palms, step the left toes back.

Slowly lower to your belly.

Inhale for Cobra.

And exhale to release.

Forehead comes down slowly to the earth.

Gorgeous, curl the toes under, press up to Plank or all fours.

Take a deep breath in.

Use your exhale to lift your hips up high and back, Downward Facing Dog.

Inhale in here.

Exhale to empty, empty, empty it out.

Now bend the knees.

Inhale to look forward.

Exhale to step or hop to the top.

Inhale, lifts you up halfway.

Find length in the neck.

And exhale to soften and fold back in.

Bend your knees this time, stepthe left foot all the way back.

Lower the left knee to the earth.

Big inhale, move with your breath.

Reach the fingertips forward, up and back.

Big inhale here.

So big stretch and then exhale, float the fingertips back down.

Pull the right hip crease back, flex your right toes towards your face.

Keep this right knee bent.

Big stretch here.

Keep the shoulders relaxed.

Inhale in.

Exhale, rolling through the right foot.

Lift the back knee, left hand comes to the earth.

Big inhale, right fingertipsreach up towards the sky, big twist.

And exhale to float the right fingertips back down to the earth.

Great, plant the palms, step the right toes back, strong and steady you are.

(laughs) Inhale to look forward, shift forward.

Exhale all the way to the belly.

Can also do Chaturanga here.

Inhale, Cobra or Up Dog.

And exhale to Downward Facing Dog.

Take your time getting there.

No rush.

Alright, anchor through the left heel, inhale, lift the right leg up high.

Exhale, shift forward, step forward.

Pivot on the back foot, back to the lost Warrior, Warrior I.

So back foot is down, front knee is bent.

We reach up towards the sky, palms facing one another.

Lengthen tailbone down, draw your navel in and up.

Inhale in.

Exhale, open, Warrior II.

Alright, keep the front knee bent.

Here we go, Peaceful Warrior.

Right fingertips reach all the way up and back.

Big breath in here.

And then on the exhale, straighten the front leg, tip it forward, send your hips back, Triangle Pose.

Feel free to bring your lefthand to left waistline here.

Keep your gaze straight down.

Or begin to spiral your heart up, maybe taking left fingertipsall the way up towards the sky.

Lengthening through the crown of the head.

You got this.

Hug those low ribs in.

Strong and steady.

Stay focused.

Inhale in.

On your exhale, let's slowly begin to look down.

Bring the left fingertipsdown to frame the right foot.

Bend your right knee and we'regonna use soft bend in the knee joint to step that back foot up, Pyramid Pose.

We got this.

Keep pulling the right hip crease up.

Alright, now slowly walk your right fingertips forward about six inches in front of your right pinky toe.

Then we're gonna lift up off the left heel as if we were coming into standing splits.

But today we're gonna keep a soft bend in the right knee.

We're gonna inhale in, find center as you exhale.

So find that contraction andwe're gonna start to stack the left hip over the right here for Half Moon.

You can use both fingertips on the earth or we'll bring the left hand to the left waistline.

Alright, stay active in the left toes.

Imagine pressing your leftfoot into an imaginary wall.

Beautiful, then stay here.

Or maybe you begin to open left fingertips all the way up towards the sky.

Maybe right fingertipsbegin to hover above the earth.

Keep the left inner thigh engaged.

Maybe you work to spiral your heart up towards the sky taking your gaze straight out or eventually all the way up towards the sky.

Half Moon.

Inhale in.

Exhale, slow and steady, you'regonna bring it all the way back into a Forward Fold at the top of your mat.

Then inhale, halfway lift.

And exhale to let it all go.


Bend the knees, plant the palms, step the right foot back, step the left foot back.

Plank Pose.

Inhale to look forward, shift forward.

Exhale, belly to Cobra orChaturanga to Upward Facing Dog.

Use an inhale to open your heart.

And use an exhale to travel back Downward Facing Dog.

Anchor the right heel.

Inhale, lift the left leg up high.

Exhale, take it all the way forward, nice and steady.

Pivot on the back foot.

Find your footing first.

And when you're ready, rise up strong Warrior I.

Inhale to reach high.

Exhale to drop the shoulders down.

Inhale in again.

Exhale, open up to the right, Warrior II.

Strong legs.

Beautiful, when you're ready, keep that front knee bent, here we go.

Left fingertips reach all the way up and back.

Take a deep breath in here, Peaceful Warrior.

Beautiful, then straighten the front leg, bump the hips back and we beginto tilt forward into Triangle.

Nice and slow.

Right hand can come to the waistline here.

Back toes are turned in.

Beautiful, maybe we open ourgaze straight out or all the way up towards the sky, reachingthe right fingertips up high.

Breathe deep.

Hug the low ribs in.

Keep the right inner thigh engaged.

Good, then slowly bring your gaze straight down.

Allow your right fingertips to come down to frame that front foot, bend both knees and we'll step the back foot up, Pyramid Posture.

Now use this moment to actively pull the left hip crease up and back.

Then we'll shift forward.

Fingertips are gonna come about six inches in front of the left pinky toe.

We'll lift the right heel.

And we'll play here, inhaling in.

Exhale, use that contraction, that (shushes), that connection to slowly, almost like a lever, navel draws in and their right leg begins to lift up.

Great, dial the right toes in just a bit.

Press your foot into an imaginary wall.

Inner thighs are engaged here.

Maybe the right hand comes to the waistline.

All those beautiful halfwaylifts coming into play here.

Keeping the neck nice and long.

Lots of awareness from crown to tail.


Find that center connection, that core connection to maybe reach the right arm up and overhead.

And even more so, maybe one day to lift the left fingertipsoff the ground.

Ardha Chandrasana, Half Moon.

Breathe deep wherever you are.

Use an inhale to lift your heart just a bit.

And then use an exhale to soften everything back up to the top of your mat, Forward Fold.

Inhale to lift you up halfway.

Exhale to rinse it out.

Beautiful, root to rise here.

Inhale, reach for the sky.

And exhale hands to heart.


Just take a second here.

Capture your own magic.

And observe your breath.

Then gently release your fingertips down, arms gently at your sides andtake whatever you need to here, anything at all, and leave anything you don't.

Inhale in.

Exhale to relax the shoulders.

Inhale to reach of the sky.

Slowly exhale, Forward Fold.

Slowly inhale, halfway lift.

Slowly exhale, Forward Fold.

Fingertips come to the earth, bend your knees.

We're gonna keep the feet together here as we come into a nice low squat.

Alright, now with center down low, let's play with it.

You can use your hands to guide you into a seat here.

We're going to Boat Pose so youcan use your hands or we can try sending the fingertips forward, rolling through the foot, stay connected to center and from here, lift the shins parallel to the ceiling.

Inhale in.

Exhale, open the palms externally rotate upper arm bones.

Beautiful, inhale in here.

Exhale, low Boat.

Inhale to lift.

Exhale to lower.

Nice and slow.

Inhale to lift.

Exhale to lower.

Inhale to lift.

Exhale to lower.

Inhale to lift but make it fashion.

Exhale to lower.

Find something fun.

Inhale to lift.

I'm doing Wu Tang, you can do it as well.

Exhale to lower.

Come on, inhale to lift.

This time maybe an embrace.

Exhale to lower.

Inhale to lift.

Maybe fingertips up high.

Exhale, maybe you twist.

Inhale to lift.

Exhale to lower.

Make it your own.

Inhale to lift.

I'm just kidding.

Exhale to lower.

Okay, let's do one more.

Inhale to lift.

And exhale to lower.

Inhale to lift.

Bring the feet to the ground.

Bring your head towards your knees.

Doesn't even matter if it comes close.

Just bow the head.

Nice, then use your hands on the earth to center yourself on the mat.

We're gonna slowly roll all the way down.

Coming onto our backs here.

Snuggling the shoulder bladesunderneath the heart space.

Once again, please bring your hands to your belly.

Close your eyes.

And observe.

Observe your breath.

Great, lift the right knee up.

Bring the right foot to the earth.

Lift the left knee up, bringthe left foot to the earth.

Bring the feet as wide asyour yoga mat and then allow the knees to fall gently to your right.

Hands can stay onthe low ribs, the belly.

Then lift your right foot, cross it over the top of your left thigh.

Breathe deep here in the stretch.

Part the lips.

Then gently release.

Nice little booty massage here, too.

We're gonna roll through, take it to the left side.

Stay here or lift this left leg, left ankle, excuse me, cross it over the top of the right thigh.

Start to cool it off, calm it down.

Part the lips.

Awesome, gently release.

Bring the knees back.

Walk the hands back down at your sides.

We're gonna a walk the heels up, Bridge Pose.

Here we go.

Grounding through the feet, inhale to lift.

Maybe you take the bind, maybe not.

Maybe you come to robot arms here today.

Maybe you take the arms up and overhead.

Listen to your body.

Lift your chest to your chin, lift your chin to the sky, shins forward, hip points up high.

Take a deep breath in.

And exhale to release.

Bring the soles of the feet together.

Knees go wide and then find whatfeels good with your hands here.

Resting gently on your hip creases, maybe the belly, the ribs, the chest, or interlacing the fingertips behind the head, finding extended thumbs here, that neck hammock again, just giving yourself a little massage.

Close your eyes.

Give thanks.

Listen to your breath.

Taking a last moment here too to honor this time that you've taken to listen and to really hone in on just that, those listening skills.

So that we can be prepared off the mat.

Better prepared to make judgment calls.

To move in a way that is in alignment with who we really are.

If we don't develop thisrelationship to our intuition it makes it quite difficult, particularly in the world we live in today.

So snuggle up to that inner voice, get hot for inner teacher and keep going.

I look forward to seeing you tomorrow.

It's a big day.

My, oh, my.

Let's bring the hands in, thumbs to third eye.

You can keep the legs where they are.

You can start to extend themout long if it feels right.

Really press thumbs into third eye here.

Just kind of massaging this point, this place that resembles our highest self, the intuition, inner teacher.

Please come tomorrow with an open mind and ready to feel thelove that you are so worthy of.

We'll see you then.

Peace out.


(upbeat gentle music).

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