Fun Summer Workout For Kids To Get Fit (Zen Heria)

– What's up guys.

Welcome to the vlog.

It's Chris Heria.

– And Zen Heria.

– And with no school out, kids have a lot more free time and the first thing they wanna do is play video games all day long.

And video games arefun, don't get me wrong, but the benefits stay inthe game when you log off.

And the truth is thereare many ways to have fun.

Physical activity can be just as fun if not more fun than virtual games and it's a whole lot more rewarding because all the progress you're making is in real life versus makingprogress in a video game.

And starting to livea healthy, active life from a young age will benefit you for the remainder of your lifetime.

And instill discipline and healthy habits early on for a better lifestyle.

Not just making you physicallyfaster, better, stronger, and more confident in the real world but also reducing the chancesof health complications like heart disease, diabetes, and some forms of cancer.

And lastly, kids learn by example.

They'll be more inclined to work out and have a active lifestyleif they see you doing it.

Every time I'm working out my son always stops what he's doing to join me.

– That's true, guys.

I love working out with my dad.

– [Chris] That's right.

And today is no different.

That's why today I prepared for my son a fun summer workout for kids to get fit that you can find on the Heria Pro app.

Download the Heria Proapp in the app store to get this routine and all my personal workout routines and programs.

And if you already havethe Heria Pro app open to this workout then let's get started.

– Yeah! – All right, we're gonnado some elastic stretches and then get right into the warm up.

All right, so for the warm up we have high knee taps and sprints.

We're gonna do this two rounds, you ready? – Oh yeah.

– Let's go for it.

(upbeat music) – Awesome, we're just getting warmed up.

Next we have sprints.

You ready to run, beat your dad in a race? – Anytime! – All right.

We're gonna run to that line and come right back.

A short little sprint as fast as you can.

Ready? – Yeah.

– Get in position.

Three, two, one.



Go! (upbeat music) Awesome, all right.

We are ready to start the work out.

For the first exercise of the work out we're gonna go right intojumping burpees across.

Let's go for it.

So if you guys need asecond to catch your breath, go ahead and do so.

But we're ready to go.

You ready for these burpees? – Anytime.

– Let's do it, man.

I'm counting on you.

If I don't give up, youcan't give up, remember that? – Yeah, and you can't give up either.

– I promise I won't.

I'll back you up.

Here we go.

Three, two, one, drop.

(upbeat music) Woo, let's bring it back, ready? (upbeat music) All right, son, you're doin' great.

– Yup.

– All right, I'm already busting a sweat.

We're gonna move on to the next exercise.

It's gonna be Bulgarian split squats.

If you guys don't know howto do Bulgarian split squats go ahead click on themove and watch the video.

All right, perfect, soyou ready to go, son? – Oh yeah.

– All right, let's go for it.

Let's put our left leg on top, take a little step forward, hands together, this knee's gonna gostraight down to the ground, we're gonna come right back up.

Let's go for it.

(upbeat music) Wanna switch? Switch the legs.

Take a small step forward, go down, up.

Good job, son.

Good job, son, keep that core tight and keep your back straight.

(upbeat music) All right, how you feeling? – I'm feeling really good.

– Good job, son.

I'm proud of you.

Next exercise we're gonna be moving along is another compound exercise.

It's gonna be great for our chest, building strength andmuscles in our abdominals, shoulders, triceps as well.

And that's gonna be push ups.

And to make sure that my son and I are holding eachother accountable for reps, we're gonna do a highfive every single time we get to the top of one ofthose push ups, all right? – All right.

– Let's do it.

So I want you to get right in front of me into a push up position.

We're gonna do a push up like that.

(upbeat music) Gotta keep up with my son, he does some fast push ups! (upbeat music) Last one, woo! Damn, my son is like alittle ninja warrior.

Watch out John Cena, WWE you know who the next superstar is gonna be.

We're gonna move onto the next exercise.

You ready, son? – Oh, yeah.

– We're almost done here.

As you can see, I'm drenched in sweat.

This is super effective.

– But it's super fun.

– That's right.

We got two more exercises to go.

We're gonna go for box jumps.

Let's see how high youcan jump, all right? We're gonna jump up on here, let me see.

Stand all the way up then jump off.

You got this, man.

Try to be like a ninja.

Every time you jump on try to like jump and land as quiet as possible.

Same thing for comin' off.

Here we go.

Three, two, one.

(upbeat music) All right.

You have killed me inthis workout routine, son.

You're gonna have to takeover my job in a couple years.

You ready for the last exercise? We're gonna do an L-sit hold.

This is for your core, your shoulders, arms, quads, and this is gonna be an isometrics hold.

So we're gonna beworking on our endurance.

This is not only gonnaburn fat, build muscle but this also gonnaincrease your performance and your endurance during your workouts.

You ready to hold an L-sit? – Anytime.

– Now I remember the firsttime I saw you do an L-sit, you were like three years old.

If I have the picture, I'll throw it up there.

But, yeah, Zen's beendoing these for awhile.

So let's get it goin'.

You ready? Boom.



Breathing is super importantwhen holding this position.

Keep your legs straight.

Straight, straight, straight.

(upbeat music) Woo.

Think you just aboutbeat me on that one, son.

– Oh, yeah.

– I love you so much.

Thank you for joining mefor today's workout routine.

Did you really have fun? – I had the best time ever.

– 'Kay, and the best part of all is that you gettin' the bestshape of your life, buddy.

– Oh, yeah.

– [Chris] So there you have it, guys.

There's round one of the workout routine.

I'm gonna go ahead andfinish this routine.

We got three more rounds to go and if you guys enjoyed the workout then definitely.



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