Hey guys, today I’m going to show you a full body home workout! 1st sequence.

Feet hip-width apart, don’t close your chest while going down.

Hold the position with your legs at 90° angle.

Focus on your heels.

Push on your heels.

30 Seconds.

Now 10 Air Squats.

1…2…3… You can increase/decrease the time under tension if you feel it difficult/easy.

Remember, right after the Isometric Squat, you have to do the Air Squats! Repeat this sequence 3-4 times.

2nd sequence of exercises: Core.

1st exercise Straight arm plank.

Remember to squeeze your gluteus, abs and to keep you arms straight.

Right after the Straight Arm Plank, we are going to do Elbow Plank (30”).

Forearms must be parallels between each other.

Right after the Elbow Plank, we are going to do the Arch Body.

Remember to squeeze your gluteus, raise your chest/arms and legs.

Now Hollow Body Position.

Remember to squeeze your abs and gluteus, activate the quads, point your feet to activate the calves too.

Upper back doesn’t touch the ground.

Only the lower back is on the floor.

No rest between each exercise.

My advice is to start with 10” of each exercise.

Then week after week you can increase 10” per exercise.

2nd week: 20” per each exercise.

3rd week: 30” per exercise etc.

If you are not able to increase the time under tension, repeat the same holds of the previous week until you will feel strong enough to increase the difficulty.

I’m showing you 1 set per sequence, but the final objective is to do 3-4 set per each sequence.

3rd sequence: Bodyweight shrugs.

Keep your arms straight and then move your scapula with the following motion.

Now we are going to do the same exercise on the low bar.

If you don’t have a low bar, you can use a table.

(Just be sure the table can hold your weight.

) Keep your arms straight and then move your scapula with the following motion.

Keep your waist high toward the ceiling.

10-15 reps per each exercise is okay.

3-5 sets for this sequence.

4th sequence of exercises.

We are going to work on abs and triceps.

Tuck L-sit 30” (90° between abs and knees).

Right after the isometric position, 10 Knee Raises.

And now Assisted Dips.

I prefer to stop the eccentric when I reach 90° angle with the arms.

No rest between each exercise.

30” Tuck L-sit + 10 Knee Raises + 10 Assisted Dips.

3-4 sets.

Week after week you can increase each exercise of 5 seconds and reps.

Rests between each set is 2 minutes.

It should be okay for every sequence.

If you can’t start with the next set after 2’ of rest then you are working too much near your limit so try to decrease a little bit the difficulty.

Now, some strengthening exercises for the upper body.

Last sequence.

First exercise Diamond Push ups.

Right after the Diamond PU we are going to add 10 Push ups.

Right after the Push ups we are going to finish with Australian Pull ups.

10 repetitions per each exercise.

If it is too difficult you can do 5 reps.

Week after week you can increase the repetitions per each exercise.

3-4 sets.

Quick reminder of the workout: 1st sequence is Squat 90° + Air Squats.

2nd sequence is: Straight Arm Plank + Elbow Plank + Arch Body + Hollow Body Position.

3rd sequence: Plank Shrugs and Australian Shrugs.

4th sequence is: Tuck L-sit + Knee Raises + Assisted Dips.

5th sequence is: Push ups + Australian Pull ups.

This is a workout to activate your body Is perfect for beginners, great to start with calisthenics! if you are an advanced athlete you can use it as an extra session at the end of the week.

Just increase the repetitions to make flow some blood.

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