Effective Complete Arm Workout (Hit Every Muscle)

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It's Chris Heria.

Welcome to anothervideo of Official Thenx.

Today I'm going to giveyou a full arm workout, hitting every singlemuscle group in our arms.

And not only are we going to be hitting each muscle group in our arms, but we're going to be hitting every muscle within each muscle group, and that's the key to aperfect complete workout when it comes to whatever you're training.

When you do so, you're preventing injuryand muscle imbalancement, but you're also creatingthe maximum potential for each muscle group.

Remember, you're only asstrong as your weakest link, and in this case, your weakest muscle.

And when it comes to aparticular muscle group, all the muscles within that group work together in unison to help with the liftor perform an exercise.

If one of the muscleswithin a muscle group is being neglected or underdeveloped, that's exactly what leads to injury and muscle imbalancement.

You still may be able toperform a specific lift or exercise because theother muscles are stronger, but because you have anunderdeveloped muscle helping with that lift, you're putting a lot of strain, and that muscle may not becapable or ready to lift what the other muscles are.

And the continuation of stressing and underdeveloped muscle is definitely going to lead to injury.

And of course, if all themuscles in a muscle group are balanced and being developed, there's nothing holding you back and that's only going toallow you to get stronger and reach your full maximum potential.

The other reason why peoplemay be having this problem is because there's a lotof different exercises that you can do for each muscle group, if you're not properly choosing the right combination of exercises.

You could be doing a bunch of exercises that will work that muscle group, but you're only working one or some of the muscles within the group.

And that's why it's important not just to work the muscle group, but to choose the right exercises as well.

That's going to give you afull well rounded workout and workout every single muscle within each muscle group in a balanced and structured way.

And that's exactly what I'mgoing to give you guys today.

We're going to be workingevery single muscle group within our arms from our shoulder, bicep, tricep and forearms.

And within our shoulders there's three heads, arefrontal, lateral and rear delt.

In our biceps we have two.

That's going to be the long head, and the short head on the inside.

You also have the brachialis and the radiobrachialis thatextends into the forearm.

For our triceps, we have three.

That's going to be our lateral, or long head in the back and our medial.

And when it comes to our forearms, there are 20 different muscles that help with engaging flexing androtations of anythings that you do with your arms, and assist with every exercise that you use with your hands.

And now of course, we can't isolate everysingle one of those muscles, but we'll be using different flexions, extensions and rotations to work out all of them.

So with that said, we're going to getright into this workout.

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Let's get started .

Now with the exception of biceps, which we'll be using only dumbbells for, we're going to be using a combination of dumbbells and calisthenics.

Now, as I mentioned in a video that I did on my blog channel called Home Back Workout, dumbbells only.

The best and most effectivebody weight exercises for your back and your biceps are going to be donefrom a hanging position.

And because most people from home don't have something safe to hang from, you're way better off finding something that's going to be heavy to lift, and it's going to directly engage your desired muscle, versus inventing exercisesthat just don't work or barely engage your desired muscle group like doing pull ups on the floor.

And that's why for today to properly engage my biceps, I'm going to be using a pair of dumbbells.

And if you don't have any, you can always find something heavy to lift around the house.

And that could befilling up a bag of books or finding a gallon of water to lift.

And that's going to bea lot more effective and practical than justmaking up a random exercise.

So, with that said, we start off with biceps.

The first exercise we're going to get into is going to be bicep curls, 21's.

And using this technique for an exercise is the only time you'llever see me doing half reps.

So we'll be emphasizingon different portions of the range of motion and the movement but in the end, we're going to be workingthe entire range of motion, focusing and emphasizing from the beginning explosivepart of the movement, then working on the peak contraction and everything in between.

A lot of times whenwe're doing repetitions, we may be used to workinga specific portion of that repetition and not really focusingon the peak contraction all the way at the top, or maybe not going allthe way at the bottom.

And if you only focus and work a specific range of motion, you're only going to be strong in that range of motion.

And this is why we do 21's to make sure that we have maximum strength from full extension all the way to peak contraction.

So let's go ahead and go forward.

We're going to go for bicep curls 21's.

(orchestral music) Now the wider your grip is, the more you're workingon your short head, and the more narrow your grip is, the more you're workingon your long heads.

So let's go ahead and have a wider grip.

Come all the way to the top.

We're going to start working the top half.


(orchestral music playing) So that was seven.

We're going to go ahead and go down halfway up.

(orchestral music playing) Alright, now we're going togo for full range of motion.

(orchestral music playing) All right, there we have it.

(orchestral music playing) So there we have bicep curls 21's.

That's seven halfway up, seven halfway down, and then full range ofmotion without letting go.

It's also a great exercise that you can do at home if you don't have that much weight to increase the overloadand reach hypertrophy.

Now the next exercise we're going to go into for our biceps is going to be hammer curls.

This is going to havemore of a narrow grip.

So this exercise is going to work more on our long head of our bicep as well as our brachialis.

Let's go ahead and go for 10 reps.

Hold a solid grip, come all the way up, all the way down.

(orchestral music playing) All right, there we have the hammer curls.

Now we're ready to move onto the next muscle group.

That's going to be shoulders.

And the first exerciseto engage our shoulders is going to be a way to exercise, emphasizing on our rear delts.

That's going to be rear delt flyes.

Let's go ahead and go for 10.

Want to keep your back straight, come all the way out.

(orchestral music playing) All right, there we have rear delt flyes.

Now it's time to supplementour weight exercise, with the calisthenics exercise.

That's going to give us the best results and the most out of this workout routine.

And since we just hit the rear delts, now it's time to hitlateral and frontal delts.

Like I always say, the best exercise that youcan do for your shoulders is going to be handstand pushups.

It puts the most amount of body weight onto your shoulders for every single rep as well as working yourbalance, control and stability.

And that's why in my opinion, it's way better than just sitting down or standing up and doinga normal shoulder press.

And that's because the shoulder press is never going to transfer into a handstand pushup.

But the strength that you gain from a handstand pushups, one of its progressionswill definitely translate into the weight room.

So with that said, let's get right into this next exercise.

Remember, if you're a beginner, I want you to start off with pike pushups on the floor.

For intermediate, trywith elevate pipe pushups.

And if you've already been working this progression for a while, should be able to doyour handstand pushups at least against the wall.

Let's go for 10.

(orchestral music playing) All right, there wehave handstand pushups.

And now we've worked all themuscles within our shoulders, so we're going to be movingon to the next muscle group.

That's going to be triceps.

And with the firstexercise for our triceps, we're going to be using weights.

That's going to be tricep kick backs.

That's going to emphasize on our long head as well as our medial.

Let's go for 10 reps.

So again, you want tokeep your back straight, lift your arms up to a 90 degree angle.

Kick back.

(orchestral music playing) All right, there we havethe tricep kick backs.

One of the most essential movements when it comes to developing your triceps.

The next exercise we're going to go into is going to emphasize nowmost on our lateral head.

We're going to be going for cross tricep extensions on the ground.

Let's go for it.

(sighs) Now, this exercise is pretty tough.

So, of course you can always start this exercise on your knees.

We're going to put our hands in this position, and keeping a straight line from your knees to your back.

You're going to press down, bring your body up, and come back down.

You want to make sure that your elbows are not past your shoulders, like this.

They want to be right by your chest line.

We're going to go for seven and then switch your hand position, and do another seven.

Let's go for it.

(orchestral music playing) All right, let's goahead and switch it up.

(orchestral music playing) All right, there we have it, cross tricep extensions.

And that's going to be it for our triceps.

Now we're going to moveinto the last muscle group in our arms.

That's going to be our forearms.

Now every single exercisewe've been doing, we've pretty much been workingour forearms indirectly.

With these last three exercises, we're going to really engage them and finish them off.

So, the first exercise we're going to be using with weights.

That's going to be pronated forearm curls.

So we're going to go ahead, we're going to find a spot to sit.

Want to put your forearms by your knees, so your wrists are hanging straight down.

We're going to go aheadand curl all the way up, and then back down.

Let's go for 10 reps.

(orchestral music playing) (sighs) I always like to hold the last rep.

All right, the next exercisewe're going to go into, that's going to be forearmed press.

So you go ahead and find a wall.

The lower your hands are, the more weight you beapplying to this exercise.

So the higher your hands are, the easier it's going to be.

So let's go ahead, go for 10 reps.

(orchestral music playing) I always like to hold the last rep.

All right, now we're going tomove on to the last exercise.

This is going to be withthe dumbbell against wrist.

Let's go ahead and pick it up.

And this time we're goingto be doing a rotation with our forearms.

So we're going to have the same position, and this time we'regoing to rotate our arms back and forth, 10 times.

(orchestral music playing) All right, and that's it.

For the last exercise of your forearms, and that's going to complete every single muscle in your arm for a full arm workout.

So if you're able to getthrough this with me, congratulations, you actuallyjust completed round one.

Now that's all you can do for today, that's perfectly fine.

The more you do this and train like this, you're going to build up your strength and your endurance.

Eventually, you'll be able to complete more rounds of this in a single workout.

And if you can do this atleast three to four rounds, that's going to ensure thatyou complete the full workout and get the most resultsout of your workout routine.

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