DIY Outdoor Furniture | Outdoor Rocker w/ Shou Sugi Ban | Beginner DIY Project

hey welcome back to Johnny builds wherethis week I built this outdoor rocking chair to go along with the outdoor sofathat I built recently now this is a beginner level DIY project using easy toget materials and common tools that a lot of folks already have stick aroundto the end

of the video to see how you can support this channel in you canscore some Johnny build swag okay let's get startedall the materials used in this project is construction grade lumber just makesure to pick through the stacks and find the best boards now this step is totallyoptional if

you don't have one but I like to run all my boards through myplaner to get rid of a little bit of that rounded edge it also leaves asmoother surface which will save time sanding laternow the rockers for this chair are made out of this 2 by 12 I

measured out 48inches marked a line and then cut this board over on my miter saw next up arethe armrests which are 33 inches long I cut down two of these from a 2 by 8board the two lower armrests supports are both 31 inches and again I cut thesefrom

a 2 by 8 then using the remaining 2 by 8 off cuts we're gonna cut 4 of these12 and a half inch armrests supports moving on to the 2 by 4's I cut threelower cross supports at 37 inches now I'm going to work on the design of therockers

I first marked a line three inches in from the front I marked twoinches down on the back of the rocker and do a diagonal line connecting theseit was important to have a good smooth radius so the rocker actually rocks so Iused this flexible off cut and a couple

screws to brace it against then when Ifound the radius that I liked I drove in a third screw to hold it in placeI traced the curve that this created and then to finish the rocker I drew thefront curve by hand and the easiest way to cut this out

was using my jigsaw andthen I could just come back later with my sander and make sure everything alongthe radius was smoothed out and now with my sander and a 120 grit sanding disc Icould clean up the first rocker and then transfer the radius ontothe board for the second

rocker again just using my jigsaw to cut it out andthen I clamped the two rockers together and sanded the radius flush then I couldcome back with my circular saw and cut that diagonal line now once you get onecut you're gonna transfer this mark over to the second rocker

and cut it as wellonce I had most of the board's cut I could start drilling in pocket holes andas we move through the next couple of steps you'll see exactly how thesepocket holes are oriented prior to assembly I use my orbital sander to sandup all these boards to

120 grit to begin assembly I use one of the 37 inch 2x4cross braces and I attach this to the front of the rocker with a little bit ofglue and two pocket screws after driving in the first one I use my speed squareto square everything back up and then

I could drive in the second pocket screwand once the first I was attached I flipped it over and attached the secondside the same way next I attach the rear 2×4 stretcher but first I use this 2 by8 side support to line up that back stretcher before attaching then

I couldgo ahead and attach those two side supports and here you see the layout ofthe pocket holes there's three on each end and five down the lane next up Icould add that final two-by-four stretcher which sits at the lowest partof the radius about an inch up I made

sure it was square and then drove in thefour pocket screws and last up on the base is this 31 inch Center support thatI cut off camera I lined it up in the center made sure it was square and thendrove in those final pocket screws now I could put

together the armrest which areattached with a little bit of glue and three pocket screws on each upright allthe pocket holes face the back of the chair so they're not visible when thechair is fully assembled and of course for quality control purposes I had tomake sure it rocked well

and was sturdy at this pointmoving on to attaching the armrest of the rocker I cut this spacer blockbecause the armrest had a tendency to want to pull in and then I could attachit with pocket screws I removed the 2×4 spacer and thenmeasured this as the back stretcher which

I didn't cut down on the miter sawthat's 25 and a half inches for those of you that are keeping track I drilled insome pocket screws to the end of it a stretcher and then used a couple squeezeclamps to hold it in place while I attached it next I

measured and cut thefour-seat slash which ended up being a quarter inch shy of 40 inches thisaccounts for the material I removed in the beginning with my planer I space theseat slats out about a half inch to account for any wood movement and then Iattached them with Brad nails

I set the bevel on my miter saw at a 15 degreesand then cut one end of a 2×4 cut off at this angle I marked out a line wherethis met with the back stretcher a man cut this at 15 degrees off-camera Iattached these boards with a couple Brad

nails on the bottom and then use the 3/8drill bit from my Kreg jig and a dowel to attach the top using the remaining 1by 8 I marked out 25 and a half inches and then cut two boards for the backrestfor the chair again I'm just using Brad nails

to attach them there are severaldifferent ways to plug up pocket holes but my favorite is just using 3/8 inchdowels hammering them in place and then cutting them flush with a flush trim sawand then a quick sanding to get them smooth I actually debated leaving thisone the natural wood

that's certainly an option if you want to do that but Icouldn't help myself I ended up going with shou sugi ban and Iburned the wood the torch that I use is a torch that's commonly used to burnweeds and there's a link to that down the description below I

clean up thechair with a scotch brite pad before adding the finish and I made alast-minute decision to go with the turquoise stain like I use in my kitchenisland now I actually did a whole tutorial on how to do stained shou sugi ban somake sure you check that out

there's a link up there in the corner and sincethis will be outdoors I finish it with three coats of a satin spar urethane andthis rocker was done everyone thanks for watching I reallylove the way this chair came out how well it rocks and just how comfortableit is now

I got a little crazy and went kind of bold with the color choice letme know what you think down in the comments below do you like the color orshould I left it natural or just the burn if you like this build make sureyou hit that thumbs up button

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