Camping by Superior Lake Waves 2020 Nomad Outdoor Adventure & Travel Show Vlog#47

Welcome to the nomad outdoor adventuresand travel show my name is rudy if this is your firsttime here we would appreciate it if you leave us a big fat thumbs up and whenyou're at it leave us a subscribe right there andwhen you're doing that click that bell icon there

and click onall so this way you'll be notified since youtube is no longeremailing you guys whenever we upload a new video so that would be greatlyappreciated if you guys could do that so this way you'll be notified everytime we upload something right but we're out here in the

backyard whereuh got the fire going we got our grill going right nowwe uh well at least we're fired up the charcoaljust take a look and uh yeah guess what we're home and just youknow getting ready to cook us a nice barbecueoh yeah i like it i like it

it is a beautiful day out here in allreality we got nice little sunshine right thereit is a little bit on the chilly side but other than thatit's a fantastic day it absolutely is and i was having a little bit ofproblems with uh this thing here the phone the

thewhat do you want to call it the dead cat hair or whatever that thingkeeps falling off of there so finally today i went to uhshoppers drug mark over here in town and uh got me some super glue so this badboy shouldn't be falling off anymore keep our fingers

crossed anyways becausethey're very hard to replace but as you guys noticed on that one videohere a few days ago uh where i was uh going for a bike ridei forgot the cable to plug into my gopro and i just wanted to talk about that alittle bit how important

it is to have good audio right which i kind offigured right from the gecko that that it wouldn't be great audio justcoming straight out of the gopro especially with all the movementuh any kind of movement or whatever it seems like itit sounds horrible on the gopro so number

one rule just make sure you goyou got good audio or you know you got a wireless mic likethis when you're going for a bike ride or whateverand it just goes to show you how important it is to have good audioand uh well i just got done editing all

the videos this morningand that's when i realized that it was horrible but heyi'm not going to throw the footage away just because of it uhyou know just learn live and learn right butanyways we're going to go ahead and get our stuff readyi gotta season it up yet and

then we'll put it on the grillhave us a good supper all right guys just as i was cooking me a barbecuei realized that these guys are doing a live show here on youtubethey are angie and shuck on the angie and chuck show on youtubego check them out guys

but i gotta go check outuh my meat it looks like it's uh i already did one checkup on it lookslike it's getting very very close to being doneso i better keep an eye on it right and i figured i wanted to show you guysthat as well but uh

yeah engine shop they are goodsupporters of our channel and uh it's worth it giving them a shoutout go check them out if you like what you seesubscribe to them but this is what i likeperfect temperature just like that oh i think this is starting to look reallynice out

here i'm gonna flip these bad boys around alittle bit i'm gonna flip these guys here as wellif i can oh yeah i got some garlic bread on hereas well let me take that off so you guys can geta good view of these nice beef ribs it's just me

and the wifetoday and those bad boys they look like they are very veryclose to being done my thing just spread apart here i want to make sure i closethat so it doesn't drop to the ground right but let's goback to watching engine chuck show they got some interesting

questionsgoing right now i got one or two of them rightit's supper time guys let's check this outwife said this worked out perfectly with the garlic bread todaygot a nice caesar salad look at that that looksnice and juicy there oh we're going to have us a good soprayoh yeah

here we go guys it is time to go pick up our daughteri was going to go out today and so far i'm trying to get a load going out butsounds like i'm not getting a load just quite yetthey told me to call back around two o'clock sowell that's

enough time to where i can go anduh help my wife pick up jessica and then uh we can probably get her on the video iguarantee you she's gonna be super excited to see usabsolutely we'll probably go and do a little bit of shopping in winnipegi'm gonna go see

if we can find some charcoal in winnipegbecause it seems like every store is out of charcoal lately i don't know what'sgoing on with that but if we can't get charcoalanytime soon we won't be able to barbecue anymorethat kind of sucks but hopefully we can find some somewhereif nothing

also i'm gonna have to see if we can find some inin the us at walmart or something like that because thatyou know we got nothing here then gotta shop somewhere elsebut anyways we're going through blooming art and uhwe went through it already and now we're on our way

to winnipeg pick her uplooks like a little bit of a cloudy day today and it's coldthis morning it was four degrees celsius absolutely and i'm super super excited iwas finally able to have my first sale on my website for mypictures i finally sold two pictures on mywebsite and

as i said earlier on my channela couple of months ago then we created the membership program thereand then my channel got hacked of course right and so now we're back on you knowwith the membership program and all that that those members would get discountsperiodically and so i created

a discount coupon forthose people and one of those persons uh has takenadvantage of it so that's great i love itand so they actually went to my website because otherwise you can't use thecoupon right and that's nice i like to see thatbecause that's going to make it look nice

on googleyou know that way you're going to recommend my website a little bit moreand you know it's a good benefit to you guys tobecome a member as well you know you can get all kinds of perks through thatnot only do you get early access to my videos withoutads

so you guys don't have to watch ads but you get early accessplus you get exclusive content on my channelthat you will never see on my channel publiclyand uh and then you get uh you know discounts on my website every so oftenso that's awesome i'll probably do another one

for christmasand this one will run till the end of septemberyou know what we got going on here i guess these guys are cutting the grassup here couldn't move a little bit faster to getout of the way oh well anyways so there's all kinds ofbenefits for you guys to

join that's for surebut here we go hammer down time to go pick up jessicai'm excited to see her and i'm sure you guys are gonna be excited to see hershe's the star of my youtube channel that's for sure justfinished picking up our daughter and also uhdoing a little

shop in here at the canadian wholesaleand uh yep now we got screamed at again for not wearing a mask walking in therebut they left us alone you know we even wereable to go in there and pay for everything anddidn't say anything after that anymore they just screamed at

us while we werewalking in but other than that we're good to go i guessthey were thinking we were deaf yep i guess buthey whatever i'm gonna refuse to wear a mask as much as possiblebecause it's my body my choice that's my opinion yes siri bob but here we

goget out of town before the big rush hour begins go home and uh we'll see if i get a loadyet if i get a load then well i guess we'llhave to get ready and go out if not probably think about what we'recooking for supper we got some meat

yeah we sure didbut no charcoal yeah nobody's got charcoaloh maybe we should see where is another canadian tire out here somewhereyeah that's a good idea maybe see if we find oneand uh maybe pull into that one see if they have any anywhere i toldeverybody that the star of

the show had to be onvideo yeah who is it youno way you finally made it back home eh i know you like that light are youstaring it down like why are you looking so grumpy today yeah you just came back fromyour place and you're a little tired right

nowand yeah i know right you're looking are you lookingthem down or what yeah i know daddy has to leave that'swhy you're so grumpy right um yeah daddy phoned in and they saidyeah you gotta leave i'm like nah no not yet eh oh well unfortunately wegotta go back to

work right are you guys hearing thesebeautiful waves right here what a beautiful view right here ladiesand gentlemen oh my goodness i am right here on theside by the sandy beach and overlooking lakesuperior right here we got some nice crashing wave here thismorning and uh it looks like the

sun is going tobe rising over there probably in the nexthalf hour is what i'm guessing and i figured you know what this is sucha beautiful view right here i just gottago to the beach and show you guys around a little bitand look at these waves coming in right

nowoh yeah there we go at least it's not super windy right nowbut there is a little bit of fog rising offof the lake right there but i just love this nice sandy beachright here this is just gorgeous and i like the waythe clouds look over there too so

pretty neat eh all right guys i'mgoing to give you guys one last view over thisbeautiful lake superior got a couple of more waves comingcrashing in here look at that how the light is reflectinghere on the on the lake eh that's just absolutelygorgeous you guys can see the little

bit of fog that's kind of rising fromfrom the lake the water is really cold i guarantee you that look at that we gota couple of more waves coming in here that is just beautiful just like thatnice sandy beach along here but we're gonna go ahead and get out

of here guys you

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