CALL OF DUTY WARZONE GALIL vs M13! Which one is The BEST Assault Rifle in Warzone?

Hey Guys, Fog of Gaming here with the ultimatecomparison between 2 of the best weapons in Warzone.

The new and deadly cr-56 amax and the laserof Warzone, the M13.

Today we’re going to break down everythingthere is to know about both weapons, compare stats and check out their bullet patternsso that we can finally figure out which weapon will get you that sweet victory in warzone.

On one hand, we’ve got the famous M13, overlookedby many but oh so deadly in the right hands.

Technically it’s part of the Assault RifleClass, but the M13 feels a lot more like a SMG due to its high rate of fire, great mobilityand relatively low damage compared to other ARs.

Competing against the M13 is a weapon thatkills faster than first expected, the latest addition to call of duty modern warfare, anabsolute beast in warzone, the galil or the cr 56 amax.

An Israeli made automatic rifle designed inthe late 1960s.

Imagine you’re playing warzone right hereright now, your buddies are dead and you just landed back from the gulag, which weapon wouldyou pick up, the galil or the m13? The guys who regularly join me live on streamalready know which weapon is best, so if you want to get a head start over everybody elsethen make sure to join me live, the link is in the video description.

Let’s check out the weapon stats, so thatwe can discover their main differences.

Both the m13 and the galil have the same standardmagazine size of 30 bullets which can be improved to 50 or 60 for the m13, but only to 45 forthe galil.

We won’t be discussing the m67 10-r magsbecause those destroy your time to kill.

Both of these weapons have a relatively longreload time, 2.

650 seconds for the m13 and 2.

816 for the galil, so the m13 will get youback into the fight a lot sooner than the galil.

It takes 259 milliseconds to ads with thegalil and only 212 with the m13.

So the m13 already takes the lead.

We both know that nothing beats the crazyhigh rate of fire of the m13 with 900 rounds per minute, the galil can’t compete withthat with only 620 rounds per minute.

The basic damage output is another game changerfor both of these weapons, the galil takes the lead with 56 damage points for headshots, 42 for chest shots and 35 for stomach and limb shots.

The m13 can’t match those numbers with only36 damage points for headshots and 24 for body shots.

So it doesn’t look good for the m13, ordoes it? Remember the high rate of fire? That will save the day for the m13 becausewhen we look at the time to kill for headshots then the m13 will win again, but there isa catch, it can only do that if you take the faster ads time into account.

The basic versions of these weapons have anads time difference of 47 ms, which is a very large difference.

This difference only becomes larger when weinclude their best barrels, but more on that later.

The m13 has a headshot time to kill of 0.

4seconds vs 0.

387 seconds.

But if we add 47 ms to the galil then we endup with 434ms.

So on paper, it seems that the galil has thebetter time to kill, but in practice it does not.

Sure you could argue that if you don’t adsthat the galil will always win, and yes you would be right, but then again how many timesdo you kill somebody without aiming down sights with an assault rifle.

I know for myself that I will never get morethan 2 hip fire kills out of 100 kills in warzone.

With an smg things are different for someplayers depending on their playstyle, but not with an assault rifle.

Things are different for chest shots withthe galil, 484 ms and your opponent will go down.

Even if we add the slower ads time, we willnever reach the 667ms that the m13 needs.

So this is where the power of the galil lies, chest shots, and only chest shots.

Because if we then look at stomach or limbshots it needs 677 ms to kill and the m13 only needs 667, and we didn’t even includethe difference in ads time.

So overall the galil can only beat the m13with chest shots, keep that in mind when you start using this weapon.

The basic weapon’s damage drop off pointoccurs at 22.

5 meters, however if you use the right barrel, you can extend this damagedrop off point to 31 meters.

The only barrel that will allow you to dothat is the xrk zodiac s440.

The biggest downside is that it will negativelyimpact your ads time and now you will need 301 ms to ads instead of 259 ms.

For the m13, this means using the tempus marksman, which extends the range from 37.

5 to 50 meters but it also slows down the ads time from 212ms to 249 ms.

The difference in ads time between the galiland the m13 is now 52 ms instead of 47.

The galil’s first damage drop off pointis not a significant one as explained in the cr-56 amax video which you can watch overhere.

The only thing that changes at 31 meters isthe chest shot time to kill, it now goes up from 484 ms to 581 ms.

This means that the galil can still kill fasterthan the m13 with chest shots regardless of the slower ads time.

The second drop off point, at 54 meters, isa game changer for the galil, a headshot time to kill of 484 ms, 677ms for body shots and774 ms for stomach and limb shots.

If we then look at the m13, you will see whythis is a game changer, 533 ms for headshots and 867 for body shots.

The m13 will still win when you shoot youropponent in the head, but only when you include the ads time, in that case it will kill fasterwith 3 ms difference, which is pretty much negligible.

However, there is a catch, and that is theaccuracy.

Do you think that you can kill an enemy at50 meters and beyond with only headshots, very unlikely.

Maybe with the m13 but definitely not withthe galil, but more on that in a second.

The body shot time to kill is a very differentstory, slower ads time or not, the galil will kill faster than the m13.

The problem for the galil is the fact thatit has another damage drop off point and the m13 does not.

At 76.

5 meters, the time to kill is goingto take another hit, now you will need 581 ms for headshots, 774 for chest shots and968 for stomach and limb shots.

Since there is no change for the m13, thevalues stay at 533 ms for headshots and 867 for body shots.

Meaning that the galil will lose for headshots, win for chest shots but lose again for stomach and limb shots.

The moral of the story here is that the galilcan only kill faster than the m13 with chest shots, but from 54 to 76.

5 meters it can alsokill faster with stomach and limb shots.

I told you about the accuracy issue a fewmoments ago.

As you know the m13 is a laser, and you won’thave any difficulties hitting your opponent in a medium to long range firefight.

The damage drop off point occurs at 50 meters, and you can still hit your opponent with every bullet when he is running around at 50 metersand beyond, so the time to kill values are still valid.

It’s a very different story for the cr-56amax because you won’t be able to do that.

Your aim will bounce around a lot more comparedto the m13, and no matter what you do, you will not be hitting your opponent with everyshot that you take.

Meaning that your time to kill values arenot valid over 50 meters, because now you have to take into account that you are goingto miss some shots, and this results in a longer time to kill.

Before we go into the bullet pattern tests, let’s go over their best loadouts because those will get you much closer to the actualtime to kill values.

For the m13, the best loadout starts withthe Monolithic Suppressor, it will give you the best sound suppression and it gives aboost to the damage range, meaning that you are extending your damage drop off points.

It comes with 2 downsides, a slower ADS speedand a worse Aim walking steadiness.

You already know about the barrel, so stickto the tempus marksman.

It improves the damage range and on top ofthat it increases the bullet velocity.

As an extra bonus we get better recoil control, but all of this comes at the cost of a slower ads time and slower movement speed.

If you can live without a sight or scope, then please do so but I will always prefer the vlk over anything else, but that is personalpreference.

Do know that this will make your overall bulletpattern smaller.

The best attachment to really turn this weaponinto lasers is the commando foregrip.

It improves your recoil stabilization andamining stability, but your movement speed will suffer.

Some guys say that the 50 round mags are goodenough for assault rifles in warzone but I do seem to miss those 10 extra bullets everytime I use the 50 round mags, but then again I do play a lot of solo vs trios so perhapsthat is part of the reason.

If you always play trio’s with your buddiesthen you might be able to get away with the 50 round mags but for quads I would definitelyrecommend the 60 round mags.

For the galil, the best muzzle attachmentremains the monolithic suppressor because of the sound suppression and the extendeddamage range but you will suffer from a penalty to your aim down sight speed and to your aimwalking steadiness.

As you already know, the best barrel is thexrk zodiac s440, a precision barrel from xrk that improves bullet velocity, damage rangeand recoil control which is very important for the cr.

The downsides are worse movement speed anda slower aim down sight speed.

The vlk is my preferred sight for a weaponlike this, but feel free to choose anything you are comfortable with.

The commando foregrip gives you the best bulletpattern and it improves recoil stabilization and your aiming stability, but your movementspeed will suffer again.

The 45 round mags are a no brainer for warzone, but it does come with a slower ads speed and movement speed.

Alright, we know what our weapons can do, we know how to set them up, let go over to our bullet pattern test.

I will skip the basic bullet pattern testand I will go straight to the best loadout bullet pattern tests.

If you decide to use the cr-56 amax with allthe attachments you just saw, then you will get a pattern that initially moves up to theleft and then it transitions over to the top right but in the end it transitions over toa snake like pattern.

When I then try to compensate for this, youcan clearly see that your aim is bouncing around all over the place, and this is goingto hurt your long range accuracy.

This compensated bullet pattern at this rangeis still ok.

The m13’s bullet pattern is a very differentstory, basically it constantly pulls to the right and it’s much easier to compensatefor that.

On top of that, the overall size of the patternis a lot smaller.

As you can see, the aiming point is incrediblystable when I try to compensate for this bullet pattern, the result is a very tight pattern.

Alright, I’ve shown you the weapon stats, compared TTKs, we checked out the best loadouts and we even went through a couple of bulletpattern tests, but the question still remains.

Which one of these weapons is better for Warzone? The m13 has a shorter reload time, a betterads time and a higher rate of fire, the galil has a higher damage output and it can killfaster than the m13 if you go for chest shots, and from 54 to 76.

5 meters it will also outperformthe m13 with stomach and limb shots.

For all other ranges and areas, the m13 willbeat the galil.

The bullet patterns of the m13 are a lot betterwhich means that it’s a very accurate weapon.

The result of this is that the time to killvalues beyond 50 meters will still be valid, something that can’t be said for the galil.

So you will have to ask yourself, are youthe king of chest shots, or do you prefer a laser? So make sure that you choose the best weaponthat suits your very own playstyle.

But then perhaps there is something betterout there for you, who knows, if you want to find out you will have to subscribe sothat you don’t miss any of my future video weapon guides for call of duty warzone.

Or you can also ask that question during alive stream, the link is in the video description.

This was FOG of GAMING, thanks for watchingand I will see you in Warzone.


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