20-Minute Seated Facebook Live Workout with Christy!

Ah, we're on.

Hi guys it's Christy here for my Wednesday warriors we're gonna do like a 15-minute low-intensity seated workoutso let's get started.

Jeff is on yes hi Jeff okay alright so I'll wait a little bit I'll wait like a couple of seconds untilI'll start but we're gonna do the warm-up twice and then we have two supersets which means we're gonna do three exercises we'll do boom boom boom andthen we'll go back and we'll do another set all right well let's start so firstthing we're gonna do with our arms circles hey Steph yes let's get working out! okay so first thing I'm actually gonnaget my timer set up and my watch we're good alright so we're gonna do 10arm circles forward 10 arm circles backwards so are you ready set and goso for those of us that want to incorporate our legs as well and you'remore than welcome to kick or if you want to stand you can totally march so three, two, one, and then backwards yeah get moving Steph with me! Four, five, six, seven, eight, nine, and ten.

Okay the next thing we're gonna do are I's, Y's, T's andW's! Okay, so we're gonna do all four of them.

We're gonna do all thosefor five times.

alright so already said we're gonna goI's, so your thumbs are gonna lead the way.

Y, T and then W we're really tryingto bring your elbows back and down so that's one.

I, Y, T, W – 2, I, Y, T, W – 3, I, Y, T, W – 4, one more! I, Y, T and W.

Brittany's on too – what's going ongirl?! okay the next thing we're going to bedoing are twisting and grabbing really incorporate your hands on this one okayare you guys ready? Set and go! One, two good! Three, fourCindy's watching! Five, six, seven eight, nine, and ten.

Good, next thing we'regonna do quick punching bag, quick punching bag! I learned this from Paul, I love itand then if you want to use your legs you're going to do quickfeet, quick feet! okay, ready set and go we're gonna go for one, I'm going tocount seconds, two, three, four, five, six, seven, eight, nine, ten.

Go backwards! One, two, three, four, five, six, seven, eight, nine, and ten.

What did Paul say? Paul said the energy is great.

Thanks Paul! Alright so are you ready? We're gonna dothat warmup one more time! We're going to get like super, super warm.

Wo we're gonnado arm circles forward ready set and go! One, two, three.

Remember those kicks if you want! Four five, six, seven, eight, nine, ten.

Now we'regoing backward one, two, three, four, five, six, seven – what's goingon Gail?! Nine – Gail you better get moving – ten.

All right! We're gonna do those I's, Y's, T's, and W's, five times, ready set go really try to control your movements onthe way down – T and then with the W elbows are down and back.

One, Y, T, W – 2, I, Y, T, W – 3, I, Y, T, W – 4, I, Y, T, W – well that was fine, yeah, all right we're gonna twist and then grab Ready set go!One, two – come on a twist and grab! Three, four, five, six, seven, eight, nine, and ten all right we are going to do the quickpunching bag next we're going to do ten times forward, ten times backward.

If youwant you can use your feet too ready you set and go! One, two, three, four, five, six, seven, eight, nine, whoo lot of coordination, ten, and backwards! One, two, three, four, five, six, seven, eight, nine, and ten.

Yes! I hope you all are feeling superwarm cause I am! And we're gonna start now with the workout so the first thingwe're going to be doing is bicycle crunches.

You'regoing to have your hands like this and for those of us just using your upper bodywe could just cross our elbow to our opposite knee.

For those of us that wantto incorporate our lower body you can use your knees and do a full body bicycle crunch and then the next thing we're gonna do isreach, reach, some of us can have our palms facing away from youbut you also can have your palms facing the floor whichever is more comfortablefor your shoulder then the third one is gonna be that Ski Erg movement sowe're gonna lean down core is gonna be engaged and we're going to bring ourarms back.

Okay, so we're gonna be doing this for 30 seconds each.

All right I'vegot my timer, are you ready?! Thanks Morgan set and we're gonna do those bicyclecrunches! Good, so when youcome toward to your knee you're going to breathe out.

Good focus on breathing here.

Now I'm just gonna do the upper body.

Hey Jennifer! How are you?! Oh man, I'm sohappy everyone's going, 3, 2, 1.

Okay the next thing we're gonna be doing is thatlean and reach so if you want to do a little bit more cardio go faster.

Readyset and go! Come on guys let's go Gail, let's go Cindy and Jeff and Paul andStephanie and David let's keep going oh yes keep going guys! Remember ifyou're trying to do a stretch then take your time if you're trying to do somecardio so let's go a little faster and five, four, three, two, and one.

Okay thenext thing we will be doing is that alternating ski or movement so reallytry to squeeze your shoulder blades when you come back.

Okay and go! 30 seconds and then we'll take a 30-second break for some wateryes if you guys want to make this harder you can absolutely use some cans, some weights, some ankle weights, whatever you've got at home, some water bottles, wecould do this in ten, nine, eight, seven, six, five, four, oh and one, I guess I was behind for a second.

So you've got 30 seconds, getsome water, which is what I'm gonna do mm-hmm it's Paul in here.

Paul mystickers still looking good buddy, my nails aren't though, but my sticker is Okay the next thing that we're going tobe doing are we're going to be doing a front raise and a lateral raise forthose of us that want to use our legs we (timer goes off in background) Oh, thank you timer.

We're going to do some sit to stands, so lean forward, squeeze those glutes, stand up nice and tallsit back down.

The second exercise is going to be the backstroke, so we want toinclude some marching we can do some marching and backstroke and then the next thing is going to be some lateral crunches.

Oh Gail, let's get moving! Comeon we can do this! Okay are you guys ready?! Because I'm going to do the upperbody movement for front raise and lateral raise and thirty seconds, go!Front raise, lateral raise, for these especially because I'm not using anyweight I'm really gonna focus on form and just controlling my movements.

Yes! We're all living the dream, Paul! Don'tforget you can stand up if you want to you can absolutely do the sit-to-standsif you would like in seven, six, five, four, three two and onealright hopefully I don't hit my chair too much but we're gonna do thebackstroke and if you want incorporate your legs for some marches alright andgo! Good! I kind of feel like I am back stroking a little bit with themarches.

You know, how you flutter kick in the water? I don't know maybe Isound crazy.

Keep going! Good! Really squeeze your shoulder blades.

Make sure you do a comfortable range of motion if you can't go as close to yourear as I'm going that's completely fine you can go out to the side a little bit.

You're still working your back.

Three, two, one, and relax.

The next thing we're doing isthat lateral trunk flexion for those of us that maybe can't do both sides atthe same time hold onto your chair and just do one side at a time.

I'll tell you when we're halfway.

Ready, set, and go! whoo I'm loving this guy's this isawesome I haven't done a facebook live since with Paul I think like a week anda half ago so this is great! Halfway guys! Patty's watching! Yeah, I'm so excited! This is awesome! in five, four, three, two, one.

All right, so I want to do those exercises all over againso next we're gonna do like I said the bicycle crunches for thirty seconds! Ready, set, and go! Try to breathe out when you come forward.

Breathing is key.

We got this come on Gaillet's go! Come on Jeff Jeff! We can do this! In five, four, three, two, and one.

We'removing into the reach up moves 30 seconds and go! Woo! There you go! Ifyou want to kind of and court make this a little bit harder you can do what I'mdoing where you're crossing your arm in the front well coordinated movementsover here.

Halfway! Whoa ten seconds now *laugh*eight, seven, six, five, four, wow I think that I count slow.

All right, Ski Erg movement ready, set, and go! whoo! come on go a little bit faster thanyou went last time! get your heart rate going! come on we got this, we got this, wecould do it! yes over halfway! come on we all can dothis.

If you can't string your arms all the way that's okay you can do this youcan do that running man movement.

Five four, three, two, and one.

Let's take like ten seconds and then the next movement we're goingto be doing are those front raises lateral raises or sit-to-standYes! keep going! come on! Alright in five, four, three, two, one – 30seconds and go! whoo I hope you all are feeling as fabulous on this Wednesdaylike I am.

We've got this, we all are in this together.

really wish I was in person with you all but I guess this works for now righttechnology is great! Eight, seven, six, five, four, three, two, and one.

Okay we'regoing into the backstroke are you ready set and go.

Go into that backstroke! This is not about speed this one's really just about form and feeling yourshoulder blade roll back as you reach behind you.

Come on lift those legs alittle bit! Don't let them drop try to control your movements it sounded like Ihad a little bit of an accent there.

come like you got it in five, four, three, two, and one.

lateral trunk flexion and then we gointo our stretches ready set and go I'll tell you when we're halfway.

We cando it.

We got this.

Oh yeah.

And halfway now kind of like I'm doing a weird tik-tokdance or something I feel like.

keep going for five, four, three, two, one, relax.

Alright we're gonna do a couple of cool down stretches.

are you guys ready? we're gonna do some cat cows, so that's where you reach foryour knees and you really round your back round from your neck all the way to theto the bottom of your spine and then you're gonna open up.

okay and go forthirty seconds, this is definitely not about speed this is just about feelingevery vertebra in your spine, all the way from flexion to extension fromyour tailbone to the top of your head good and then we're gonna do somestraight arm twists.

You can either have your arms straight out in front ofyou or you can have your your elbow slightly bent and we're really justtrying to work that thoracic spine, that middle part so try to just keep yourhips square and we're just gonna move side to side.

don't push it.

don't go past the point of pain I just really want youto work and move your spine a lot of us are really just going forward andbackward we're not twisting a lot especially ifyou're sitting on a desk working, so this is key to really focus on differentsegments and to mobilize so we can do it Yeah, especially you Morgan! you're goingto be studying for your exams, so definitely going to be leaning over adesk or a table.

And the last thing we're going to do are some neck rolls, so we'regoing to be doing 15 seconds one direction 15 seconds another directiongo nice and slow okay and go.

You don't have to exaggerate thismovement.

It's really supposed to feel organic good halfway, change directions, good I can just hear my neck just cracking.

Alright, well we are done I really just want to make this announcementthat I'm really excited about Friday it's going be TrainerTalk trivia! Thisis the second time we're doing it and I am psyched out of my mind because I wanteveryone to join so if possible it's after this little liveworkout.

So please join us on Friday and then today if you want leave a commentand TrainerTalk today is about positive things that are happening inthis world we're like we really need some serious positivity so if you wantjoin! Okay alright guys, well I hope you have a fabulous day you don'tjoin us for TrainerTalk! See you Fridayor tomorrow for stretching and for Paul bye!!.

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